Golf Swing Videos and others

The following are the five top sport videos on youtube.

This is one of the many instructors who has made a video about the golf swing.


Greg Norman also talks about RHB or right hip back. He declares that it is extremely important to bring the right hip back and the left shoulder should be turned 90 degrees like is shown in the above video and for that matter all three videos.

Jim McLellan on the Perfect Golf Swing is a straight talking guy that shares many of my views and I am like him trying to find that simple and easy golf swing. Watch him closely and then see the training techniques from CJ Goiecs.

Then Finally the six steps to a perfect golf swing by C.J. Goecks from Performax golf

You’ll have to click on the link for this one so click here

I have spent money with CJ and enjoy his easy style but I tried his swing and found it hard to repeat over and over. So I have taken some things from him to help me get more distance out of my hits and chip a little better. These six steps as they relate to the previous two videos is not exactly the same and you can see that by comparing the three.

To achieve near to the perfect golf swing I recommend the Simple Golf Swing to learn. It is simple just like the name says.

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