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Golf Swing Tips – The Pitch

 Golf Swing Tips is the Pitch

Now, in the last golf swing tips article we talked about the chip and slightly discussed the pitch only to differentiate it from the chip. In this post we are going to discuss the pitch in it’s entirety. I have three videos for you to review about pitch shots. These golf swing tips are similar and I realized while going through YouTube is the various ways people choose to master a pitch shot.

This article is more in tuned with the requirement for a good pitch shot regardless of where you are on the course, that is from 30 to 100 yards. So enjoy the article and see ya about the videos after.

To master the pitch shot means that you must learn to swing the right club with the exact amount of force, thus allowing the speed of the clubhead and loft of the iron to send the ball flying directly towards the hole. As the old saying in golf goes: “Just let the club do the hard work”.

To break the pitch shot down into a simple list of instructions, the following reference is worth its weight in gold anytime you need to get back down to basics:

  • Every pitch shot should start with you mentally visualizing the shot by selecting a spot where you want the ball to land.
  • Based on the distance between you and your landing goal, choose the right club that you think will carry the ball through.
  • Most of your bodyweight should be focused on the front side of your body.
  • Your front foot should open up by shifting it back about five to six inches from your target line.

Time for your next set of golf swing tips using videos

How to Hit a Great Pitch Shot in Golf  from Golf tec Pro Thomas Howell shows you some fundamental components on the basics of the golf swing. This video does spend a goodly amount of time with the pitch shot but it gets a little long with the promotion at the end. But enjoy.

Video tips

Second Video golf swing tips pitching

Golf Swing Tips: pitching distance control from Golf Monthly’s Top 25 coach Gary Alliss explains the difference between pitches, chips & full shots, and how to improve your pitching distance control. This pro shows us how to pick a club to work out our distance control. Most teachers would like us to limit the number of clubs we try to master while trying to pitch but he likes all of the pitching wedges we may carry in the bag. Enjoy

The Final Golf Swing Tips Video

Pitching golf swing tips From Scott Cranfield. Pitch better and lower your scores with this golf tip from top coach Scott Cranfield.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about golf pitching. The best way to master the pitch and the distances I have found is to practice the back swing and follow through to see how far you hit with that club and that golf swing. Then try others variations for different distances. Good Luck.

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