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Golf Swing Tips – Practice Nets

 Golf swing tips is practice net

There are all kinds of practice nets out there but for this golf swing tips I bring you another new product that requires no comes in a carrying pouch that when taken out of the pouch all you do is unfold it and you can begin using it. It has a unique feature in that the ball will come right back to you for faster play.  When you are done with it just fold it back up and put it in the carrying pouch. Simple and easy.

The article provides pictures and a video, so enjoy.

Rukket Golf Nets

It’s 35 degrees outside. Check. Steady rain. Check. Golf course closed. Check. The perfect day to practice golf- it is if you have the Rukk Net, the latest pop-up golf net from Rukket, an upstart company dedicated to sports nets and net accessories.

Rukket got its start in Ryan Dickerson’s tiny NY City East Village apartment in 2008. Unable to afford the pricey Chelsea Piers driving range, as well as being frustrated at the crazy amount of time it takes to hit balls at a range in NYC, Ryan would spend his free time hitting a foam practice golf ball against the wall in the courtyard of his apartment building.  Many golfers have an AHA moment when practicing, but for a tinkerer like Ryan, this courtyard golf practice was his.

What particularly intrigued Ryan was having the ball return right to his feet after every shot, which allowed for more swings, a better use of his time and, as a result, more fun. “It was so simple yet very cathartic,” said Ryan. “A ball returning is so much more fun than when it doesn’t.”…More at Rukket Golf Nets – Chapeau Noir Golf

The price does not seem to be too bad for a golf net but the prices go up as the size of the net grows. It is unlike anything these days, you get a simple easy to use device for a reasonable price. There are accessories that you can get for your office or home so take a look and see if they have anything you like.

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