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Golf Swing Tips on Golfing in the Wind

Golf swing tips on golfing in the wind

I can hear you now, “Golfing in the wind? I would rather play on the rain!” That’s exactly how I feel. I would rather play in the rain then play in the wind. So this post presents golf swing tips is how to play in the wind so that neither you nor I will be afraid of the wind any more.

This article actually deals with conditions on the golf course including the wind and how the result of a shot is actually luck, good or bad. Anyway, enjoy the article and a follow up about the article will precede two videos that will help you with golf swing tips to golf in the wind.

So … how about golf shots?  Those aren’t completely under a player’s control, because of wind.

A difference in wind speed of only about 2 m/s (4.5 mph) is said to affect the ball’s distance by around 15 meters (49 feet) (.pdf).  That’s pretty big.  Pros sink 20-foot putts only 14 percent of the time, as compared to 38 percent for 10-foot putts … and that’s only a 10 foot difference, not 49 feet.

Now, you could argue that golfers should take the wind into account when swinging.  And they do.  But, wind changes while the ball is in the air, and it’s literally impossible, from the ground, to predict how the wind will change.  If 2 m/s wind is 15 meters of distance, we can guess that 0.2 m/s of wind is 1.5 meters of distance.  If there’s an unpredictable 0.2 m/s change for half the time the ball is in the air, that’s 2 to 3 feet.  That’s still a fair bit.  Moving a putt 2-3 feet closer is a big deal, especially when you’re already close. …More at Sabermetric Research: Golf and luck

I don’t feel very lucky on the golf course but I do know that wind does have an affect on almost any shot I hit. I would have no qualms saying that about any shot you produced on the golf course. We cannot duplicate the same shot twice and the conditions would not be exactly the same twice in a row.

But we could come close that for most of us that would be enough.

So here are two videos that will help you play against that one condition that we have to play against the most, WIND.

Golf swing tips on how to play in the wind

How to Play Golf in the Wind. Playing golf in the wind makes the game a bit more difficult, but it’s still possible to play. Watch this video to learn tips for dealing with the wind.

This video shows you how to position your ball and swing easier to get the shot you desire. I sometimes wonder though why I hit a shot out to the right or left with a cross wind and there seems to be no effect. Why is that?

Video about the knock down shot

The Knock down shot. This Video from the Whittle Golf Tips series shows how to play the punch shot. An excellent option for a player to control the flight of their golf ball in windy conditions.

So we have two ways to play the ball in a windy condition. In some areas this would be all the time. I remember Lee Trevino saying that the part of Texas he was from they played in the wind all the time and he had to learn how to play that way so it was an advantage for him when the conditions were windy.

How about you, can you play in the wind?

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Good luck and I hope you continue to see my post.

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