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Golf Swing Tips for Your Golf Game

I have spent exhausting hours practicing and learning different golf techiques in order to get a perfect golf swing and have developed a new swing that you will learn about in subsequent post.

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The eighth hole is getting to be my favorite. It is a short par five.

What they have done to make it harder is the following. They have a trap that is about 230 yards out from the whites. So if you hit a good shot it will go into the trap. It covers about 80% of the fairway. The hole makes a dog leg to the left after the trap.

What this means is that if you can hit over the trap you will run out of fairway and end up in the woods that has a lot of smaller trees. But you will be tree locked so that you cannot get out without hitting a tree.

If you travel down the left side of the fairway and avoid the trap you will travel down hill and end up with a fairly short shot of between 150 and 195 yards. A piece of cake right? Wrong, there are three trees in the middle of the fairway and they are about 80 feet tall. There is a pathway between those trees and the trees in the left rough of fairway about 15 feet wide.

If you go right of the trees in the middle you will be about 40 yards from the green as it does a dogleg around the pond on the left behind the rough trees and a sand trap that guards the green. When I first started playing this hole, it was really intimidating but I have eagled this hole once and birdied it once also.

Well this time I am fairly confident and hit a good drive. I use a golf swing that is about 85%. I drive over the sand trap on the fly and straight into the woods behind the trap. We hit the balls from the back tees. This drive goes over the trap and into the woods is a drive of about 280 yards. I close my eyes and hit my second shot.

The ball travels about 20 yards and hits a tree almost in the middle and it goes back behind my by about twenty yards. It was a little to the right and I found a path through the woods. I hit and eight iron but it goes to high and I catch the leaves. The ball travels about 130 yards and I am only about twenty yards off the green. I chip on and two putt for a bogie six.

I learned a valuable lesson there and will adjust my swing next time so that I hit down the left side of the fairway/rough.

We do the ninth hole. I almost drive the green which is 285 yards from the back. I chip on and two putt for a par. I am eleven over for the round and shoot a 47. I started out badly and caught a bad break in the middle but played Cheap Levitra pretty well overall.

The chip is still a problem for me and I wil try some new strokes over the next few rounds to see if I can improve.

The lessons here are to try and aim properly and choose a swing that will work for you.

Next post is the second nine.

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