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Golf Swing Tips For The Better Golfers

The previous golf swing tips was about watching the LPGA golfers instead of watching the PGA golfers and I wanted to expand on that but I did not want to give you a 2000 word post so I decided to do this second post.

Look, I have as much fun watching Tiger or Phil lead from start to finish as you do but I cannot relate to what they are doing. They hit 165 yard wedge shots, I am lucky if my wedge goes 105 yards. I cannot hit a seven iron 185 yards. I cannot hit a golf ball around a tree and I cannot hit a drive 320 yards. So I ooh and aah when I see those things.

But, like I said in my last post, it is fun to watch women golf, number one and also to relate to what they are doing out there on the golf course. Like hit a wedge 105 yards or hit a 7 iron 150 yards. This are things that I can do. I used to hit drives 280 yards but things changed when I broke the shaft of my driver and was not able to duplicate that driver and shaft combo.

I am hoping that my new driver will get me back to 250 to 260 yard drives and that they are also straight. The one problem I had with my old driver and with the new shafts I had put on was that the backspin generated would have my drives landing and bouncing back for minus yardage on the roll. It was like a wedge landing on the green with slight back spin. God how I hated that, on my drive not my chips!

So getting back to the pro men vs pro women, I prefer watching the men pro golfers but would like to emulate the women pro golfers golf swing and do the same type of shots that they do.

The one thing I noticed about putting though is that the men seem to be better. I noticed that many of the women when they lagged up were way short and off line whereas the men are much better at lagging up and coming closer to a tap in or even making the long putts.

The eventual winner of yesterday’s LPGA win was putting great and when I looked up her statistics she was number 2 in putting for the LPGA with average putt of 1.692 putts per hole. I have not looked up the men but I would think they are comparable.

But for my golf swing tips, if you  try to emulate the men with their golf swings you will only confuse your self and have a tendency to over swing. The women have a much sweeter golf swing compared to most of the men pros. So I would watch the men for the “I wish I could” factor and then watch the women for the “I can do that” factor.

I know, it is hard to be a man and copy what the women do but listen, I am pretty sure that all of those women who played yesterday and even those that missed the cut on Friday, could beat the hell out of us on our very best day. So why not take the lead by using the women’s golf swings and just watch the men for amazement and awe at their abilities.

Wow, I just had a realization. I should look for a women that teaches the golf swing and learn how they hit it so far and try to do what they do.

From Lou M.
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