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Golf Swing Tips for New Mizuno Clubs


A new golf swing tips article about the new Mizuno golf clubs.The article is not new, it was published November of 2012 but that was well after the season ended for many of us.
For most of us, anytime after October and before March we don’t think about golf too much. So to see this article at this time of the year is great new news.
Here is you new golf swing tips news article
Last week, Mizuno announced the introduction of some new additions to their golf club arsenal. Here’s a look at the MP-H4 Iron set and the JPX-825 Woods. If you ask me, Mizuno needs to get a little more creative on naming their clubs. This comes shortly after Puma/Cobra announced their new club line, ‘The Baffler‘. Here’s a look at what Mizuno came up with…

Norcross, GA (November 15, 2011) – Mizuno, the industry leader in iron technology and development, today announced the launch of its revolutionary new iron set that offers serious golfers the most forgiving and playable MP irons in Mizuno’s storied history, the MP-H4’s. Utilizing a sealess blend of hollow hybrid long irons and half-cavity scoring irons, Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process provides players with a soft, solid, consistent feel throughout the set. They also announced the addition of the JPX-825 lineup of woods to the already popular JPX-825 iron family. Created with balanced performance, extreme distance and uncompromised forgiveness in mind, Mizuno’s new family includes the JPX-825 Driver, JPX-825 Fairway Wood and JPX-825 Hybrid….More at Eat Sleep Golf – Las Vegas: New Mizuno Golf Clubs

Mizuno Club Fitting Discussion with Brett Packee from CORE Golf  and Ricky Potts from The golf swing tips video is a bit long at over 40 minutes but is interesting to see what happens with a golf club fitting.

This is a fun video site I found from this guy named Ricky Potts. He has a video blog that he uses to interview people about different things. He also is a golf nut like most of us and he likes to gather a few of his home buds to discuss golf. This particular video is about him being fitted for golf clubs which are the irons and wedges.

He has been using the same clubs since high school. This year, he is working with Brett Packee from CORE Golf and he is fitting him for a new set of irons and wedges. L

The previous week he was fit on the Mizuno shaft optimizer and in today’s video they went over those numbers, building the set, and what everything means. So for your golf swing tips, if you are going to be fit for clubs, make sure you are fit with a PGA professional. It makes all the difference in the world!

I did not realize that Mizuno are considered the Lamborgini or golf clubs. I think I need to take one for a ride.

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