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Golf Swing Tips Apps


Golf Swing Tips Apps

So we cast a skeptical eye when we read about the SwingTip app and the small sensor that attaches to a club. Does the app actually make a difference in your game? We took the gadget out to the local golf club, drove, and swung like mad for several day, and here’s the results.



The SwingTip hardware consists of a small sensor that easily and quickly attaches to the shaft of the club of your choice an inch or so below the grip. The sensor is aligned with the grooves on the clubface using a built in sight. SwingTip is powered by a rechargeable battery and sends data via Bluetooth to your portable  iOS or Android device. I used an Apple iPod Touch. Pairing was painless, and in no time I was ready to setup the app.…More at Review: SwingTIP Wireless Swing Analysis Tool (Golf Tips)


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