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Golf Swing Tips about Chips and Pitches

 Golf Swing Tips – Chipping

What “exactly” is a chip or pitch shot?

This is one of golf swing tips about chipping and pitching. This is another of those things that can help you score better. How many can say they reach the greens in regulation? More often then not we are withing 10 to 20 yards of the green trying to chip close.

Having a good chip this last golf season helped me score a lower round by 2 or sometimes as many as three strokes per nine holes. So if you can chip or even get a good pitch to the pin then you will score better, guaranteed.

There are a number of definitions for chips and pitches, but for the purposes of our discussion lets say we are dealing with shots from the grass from just off the green to about 25 yards off the green.

Besides, a pitch is really just an extension (longer swing arc with more wrist break) of a chip, and both should look about the same through impact. A pitch just has more club head speed, and is played with a more lofted club….More at Hitting Consistent Chip Shots Around the Green | Golf Swing Tips

The first video is chip basics

There are two videos with more golf swing tips, one will show you the technique of doing a chip shot and the other will show you how to gage the distance.

This is a lesson from PGA Golf Professional Bret Hartman on the fundamentals of chipping a golf ball in your short game. Learn how to chip in golf with this tutorial video. More golf lessons are available at:

I want to give you an alternative with the chip stance and location. There are teachers all over the world that will teach you to locate the ball anywhere from off your right foot to all the way to your left heal but almost all agree that the weight should be about 80% on your left foot or right foot if you are left handed golfer.

Video about travel distance of chips

Next is How To Chip a Golf Ball from Paul Wilson

In this tip he will show you how to chip a golf ball. This is essential if you want to be able to choose the correct club for the shot at hand. With this very specific chipping ratio you will be able to instantly choose the right club for the right situtation. This is very important because it eliminates all the guess-work. If you are not guessing on what club to hit you can stick to the task at hand which is hitting your chip shot.

How to chip a golf ball is not tough. It’s just learning the proper chipping technique then coupling it with the ratios you will learn in this tip. Once you understand these 2 things and practice a little you will have a chipping game you can count on to make up for your mistakes.

As you watch this tip you may want to have a pen a paper handy so you can write down the ratio. People have often found writing it down and putting it in their golf bag handy so they don’t forget once they get tot he course. Click here: Click here:

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