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You have been reading my blog about getting the Perfect Golf Swing.

I have been telling you all about my experimentation to get a very good and reliable golf swing that is repeatable. But I have found faults with every single method I have tried.

There are about four methods I have tried where I have taken something from each one. That does not include these e-books that all have videos associated with them. They are methods I have gotten from off line as well as online.

These e-books each have good stuff. I would like to present them to you as something you may choose to use at some point in time or another. It may require you to get two or more of these e-books as they all lack something.

And there maybe some things in there that I like that you won’t but that does not mean you shouldn’t use them.

So, here are these Internet “fix my golf score” digital software products that I will tell you about.

I am presenting this one first as I like it the best and it is something you can practice in the house and get better with it and not worry about breaking anything. I am going to give you likes to the other three items that you can look at for getting now or maybe after the first of the year.


1). I have chosen this product to show you first because it is the one thing that will decrease your golf scores immediately. It is possible to master this with the practice tips shown to you that will or could possibly reduce your scores for nine hole play by as many as four or maybe even six strokes.

Let me take a minute and present this scenario. You do not get on the greens in regulation. You sometimes are close to the green in regulation or maybe even one over regulation. You must chip onto the green, get the ball close and try to two putt for a bogie or double bogie.

You’ve done this a hundred times, so you know what I am talking about.

If you can’t wait go there now at Putting to Win

Well suppose you could learn how to chip close to the pin so that you have a gimmie for your putt or you are within three feet of the pin so that you have a very good chance of making the putt. Or suppose you do get on the green but it is just barely on and you nave a thirty foot lag putt. Been in this position many times and how many times have you three putted or more?

Well that is going to end if you try what you are going to learn from this fellow. You will learn his techniques to getting a chip within that three foot radius so that you will only have to make that three foot putt. You will have all of the confidence in the world to make that three footer when you follow his processes.

Also, three putting will become a thing of the past. You will learn how to lag up to the pin just like the pros do. You will be able to match the pros in this area as this is all finesse and it will only take practice to make you good.

How much practice you say? How about 5 to 10 hours per week?

If these sounds like something you can do then quickly run over to this web site and get it right now. I give this a four star out of five star rating for two reasons…

First, what he is teaching us is only about a part of the game but it is an important part. Second, his web site has not been taken care of lately and has a lot of white space between videos on the sales sheet and it was published in 2008. He should upgrade his web page but the info is great so I guess who cares.

Anyway, Go To Putting to Win and buy his product.

Now you can look at the second pick that I like a lot as do a lot of other people on the Internet. This is the most popular golf swing e-book with videos on the Internet. Go to my second review page at Golf Swing Reviews 2

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