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Golf Swing on Hold

My golf swing was put on hold – First I want to tell you that most of these events occurred previously and the tails about my current golfing scores have been occurring over the summer.

It is October as I post these but the current events happened June, July, August and September of 2010.

If you are just now starting to read my blog I would advise that you go to the beginning and read back up to current so that you understand what I am talking about.

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I decide to hold off on golf right now and put everything that represented golf in the basement.

My golf swing was terrible and of course the golf scores were just sucky. I would obligate some of my family members and play a mandatory game of golf with them but I was not going to get too involved. So another year passes by and I am getting my master degree in online marketing. At least I was spending money like I was getting a master degree.

I found a lot of people selling tutorials about various subjects were just selling rehashed junk. I asked for my money back so often I was getting a reputation as a rebator. I started to reduce my buying of this “Internet help”. Another spring was approaching and I decided I would try to get into golf again. I bought some lessons online and found them to be lacking.

I learned a little bit about a few things so I kept most of these lessons. I finally got hooked up with a league that need substitutes and I became their main sub. My golf swing was an embarrasement and my score hovered around 49 for nine holes.

The guys were fun to play with and most were my score or higher. We had fun on the golf course and a lot more fun after golf in the restuarant/bar. They would try to console me but I was still not a happy camper with my golf game. Of course, I kept my mouth shut about my past prowess because who would believe it.

There was one guy who regularly shoots in the high thirties and he would remark that I had a better than average golf swing. I guess he was comparing me to the other guys in the league. Still I kept my mouth shut and would just play golf with the others and accept that I was a hack just like them.

The next post, Some things change.

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