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Golf Swing Help is Getting Closer

Please bookmark this site for more info about golf swing tips and golf swing help. We are winding down the season. Finally I have developed some incite to better golf. Please follow these posts to watch my development over the next few weeks to improve my golf swing.

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My 800 mg skelaxin great swing has arrived, Whoa not so fast buddy.

Sure enough the first shot goes left as I am too fast with the back swing and I lunge to hit the ball further. Well, I hit the ball way left but I have cleared all of the trees and junk and have a wide open shot to the green.

I chili dip the shot and it goes into the trap up front. These traps are terrible and I try to blast out only to have it go to far. I am over the green and have to chip back to a green that is very steep and fast. Sure enough I cannot stay on the green and I have to putt from the fairway.

Double boggie on hole number one. On the second hole which is a par three, I put it to the left again and chip on and two put for a four. Another boggie.

I think about what I am doing and on the next hole I hit a great drive right down the right side of the fairway.

I hit a good eight iron just a little short but the pin is up front. I put from three feet off the green and put it close and sink the next putt for a par. The next hole is a par five, and I swing nice and easy for good contact and put it just short of the crest.

I hit a great three metal wood and am only fifty yards from the green. Pin is at the back and I put it within ten feet and two put for another par.

So here is what I am doing right at this minute. I Have this upright swing, so I take my club back very slowly to stay in control and not sway back. My hands do not go any higher then my head. When I transition to my down swing, I do it nice and quiet and I make sure that I pull my right elbow in close to my side. I accelerate as I continue my swing and keep my eye on the ball. I make sure it is good contact and my swing is about 70% of what a full swing would be.

I am hitting drives about 250+/- yards with a quiet swing. My three metal wood is going about 230 yards also, so I am getting about 480 yards out of my two clubs and I am with right up front about 50 yards to the green. Cheap Viagra We are playing from the back tees and that makes this hole about 530 yards.

So, after four holes I am three over par.

More videos on tempo;

Next post, what happens next.

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