Golf Scores Better Then Ever

By | December 14, 2010

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Wait, I have to interrupt this visit into the new year as this season is still going on.

I have played another 18 hole round this week which turned out to be 21 again. Anyway, my final score for the round excluding the extra 3 holes was a very good 85. The first nine was a 42 and the second nine was 43, Very consistant and I’m very pleased.

I am still having troubles in two areas. My chips are not the greatest and my short irons to the green are very troubling. I am short or I am wide of the green. When they are wide it is because I have pulled the shot.

While playing with a friend and whining about my wedge and nine iron through seven iron being short compared to how I used to be, he tried to show me how to get more distance and more accuracy to hit the greens in regulation. He was telling me about watching the young guns on tour and how they make sure that they get their right shoulder to push through.

I tried to do that on my next shot but took a huge divot. So I decided to not try that right now but go to the range and try it some more there. I have not had the time to practice but I need to do that sometime. So to kind of wrap up what I am doing now compared to the start of the season, here goes.

I am driving spectacularly and am not fearful of trying to hit the ball hard or easy.

An easy drive will Enhancement male prescription get me 250 average in the fairway. A “grip it and rip it” drive will be about 290 yards and in the fairway. My direction is off just a little bit but it will be correctible.

I am putting fairly well but cannot make long putts. I am able to lag up close for a tap in and that is ok for me. I will practice putting over the winter and like I said buy a chipping and putting video series to help with technique and drills to help get the putting better.

My short irons, pitching and chipping are giving me fits. I believe part of my problem for chipping is that I am picking up my head and end up skulling the ball. I have experimented to make sure that is the issue and have seen good chips when I concentrate and keep my head down through the hit.

But there is something wrong in the mechanics and I need to find the right way to correct the wrong way. So, my search continues. I can probably find the right way in my current videos that I have now collected and/or maybe watch the Golf Channel abilify prescription for hints to doing things the right way.

Next post is to decide what I will practice on over the last few weeks of the season and during the winter.

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