Golf, How to swing using strategy

By | May 23, 2011

This post is strictly for planning your golf game.There is more to golf then the perfect golf swing. There is strategy involved in playing the game.

I have watched a lot of videos about the prefect golf swing but one of my favorites had nothing to do with the golf swing but more about golf scores and what it takes to play the round properly.

I want to start out by telling you about my early years with my golfing development. I never played at par three or executive golf courses as I wanted to be a “real golfer” and thought the par threes were for girls or sissy guys. Well, I got married and I wanted my wife to enjoy some of my activities, so we got golf clubs for her and went to par threes after time on the golf range.

We went to par three golf courses as she felt intimidated on a regulation golf course. Well a funny thing happened after playing these types of courses five or six times. My golf scores really got much better. I was shooting more par scores then not and soon I was playing the best golf of my life.

So what did I do then, I continued to play on par three golf courses with my wife and continued to get better.

I had forgotten all about that in my desire to get the perfect golf swing after being out of golf for 12 years, so I have been struggling until I saw this on a video.

The strategy was to take each hole and divide each one up into the drive and then follow the strategy to get to a par three and play a par three into the hole’s finish. Let me clear that up a little by saying that each par three plays as a par three, each par four plays like a drive and then a par three and each par five plays like a drive, a second shot and then a par three.

By doing this you can strategically place your drive to a position that puts you where you like to play your favorite par three. An example would be, if you like to play par three holes that are 150 yards because you hit the seven or eight iron really well, then if a hole is 350 yards, you will want to hit a drive that is 200 yards and forget about booming a 300 yard drive because you will have a par three of 150 yards left to play after hitting a 200 yard drive.

Sometimes you cannot get to that perfect distance for you because the hole is to long. Another example; the hole is 425 yards long and your best drive is only 250 yards well that would leave you with a 175 yard par three. Probably a six or a five iron, which are clubs you don’t hit to often.

If there is very few problems behind the green then use the five iron and take a more controlled golf swing to hit into the green for this par three. You may end up at the back of the green with a downhill put but the alternative would be to end up short and try to pitch up close for a one putt. You will have to decide which strategy is best for you. That is a calculated decision that is made by knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses.

Rather then make this post real long I think you understand the strategy behind doing what I suggest. Hit to your strengths and forget about being the longest driver but worst second shot hitter because you’re trying to finesse a shot you’re not used to. Be a smart golfer.

The weather has not changed except for the weekend which I used to work around the house but we did make it to the driving range late yesterday after noon.

Today they are predicting late thunder showers which could interfere with my golf. Rain is one thing and thunder storms are another. You will know tomorrow what happens.

See you then.

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