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This is the last post for the season and it is November 22nd.

I want to tell you about two things I have started doing that have helped my golf scores.

I have been telling you all season that my chips have been killing me but I have found out how to correct the situation. First I slowed down my back swing and made my forward swing in control without lifting my head. That has helped a lot but I have one more thing I have been doing that makes it even better.

I have been choaking up on the club. I am gripping the club right at the bottom of the grip. This gives me more control and makes me keep my head down with a good swing. Every time I use this grip location I have hit a really good chip. I am landing the ball where I want and the direction is really good. I am using this with chips with many different clubs like anything from a wedge to a seven iron.

I am almost using a putting stroke with the swings but I have to swing a little harder sometimes as I am using this for shots of up to 40 yards. This method seems to work really well.

This is another example where I have seen something online and I have tried it only to find it really works good for me.

Also, I have my feet close together and playing the ball off of the toe of my rear foot. The weight is being distributed evenly over both feet.

There is one more thing I recently saw online but have not Buy Viagra prescription online had the opportunity to try it and it is this, when you are chipping and do not want the ball to check up then hit the ball in the area where the grooves end and the ungrooved spot is out near the end or toe of the club.

It is kind of like putting when you do not want to hit the ball too hard and that is to hit the ball out by the toe and not on the sweet spot.

On my favorite par four with the dog leg right, I have hit the last two drives a little further right then I want but ended up with a chip of forty and thirty yards. I used this chip method and landed on the green both times and got a par and a birdie. So I am pleased with the chip.

One other thing I am going to mention that I had forgotten about since the begining of the season. When I chip, I stand there before I hit the shot and pretend to throw the ball underhanded to get the feel of how hard I need to hit the accutane buy ball. I pretend to throw to a spot and watch my imaginary throw land and roll to the pin.

Using this underhanded practice throw I have become better at chipping close. I have the distance proper and the shot more accurate as I watch the imaginary ball land and follow the contour of the green. It really works!

On the short ninth hole I have had chips of less than twenty yards and have chipped closer then I have in previous rounds using these methods with my pitching wedge. If I could only make seven to twelve foot putts I would have had more birdies.

Believe me when I say that I am going to spend a lot of time getting my putting better this winter.

I can tell you without any hesitation that my scores would have been better by three to five strokes with better putting over the last five to seven times I have played.

So it is very important to me.


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