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Golf, How to Swing Tips on Tempo

I have been known to be wrong and it is true again. Golf, How to swing with tempo.

I have found a couple of things to help me practice over the winter and so can you. First off the Golf Channel had been hosting a series with 12 pros to teach their best methods for hitting and practice. The first one I had seen was with Greg Norman. What a great golfer and great teacher.

He was practicing and teaching golf, how to swing tips on tempo. He said that tempo and rhythm are extremely important and this is how to find yours. First thing you do is to try and hit the ball at 100% swing speed. Now remember we are talking speed not how hard.

Then take that same good swing and do a 50% swing. Being careful to watch every aspect of the swing with this 50% swing.

He wants you to see where the club is when it is at waist height, then at three quarters and full, then acknowledge where it is during the transition from back to forward swing. Continue to see where your hips are during all of this and the hands and your wrists. Then as you close in on hitting the ball watch to see how you hit it and then look for the ball after contact.

By the way, for our simple easy golf swing we are using accutane online prescription the half or three quarter golf swing. So the backswing is only waist high or parallel to the ground. We do not want to have you doing any full swings without years of practice and rounds in the high sixties or low seventies.

He Male enhancement prescription then goes on to say that if you hit a bad shot and don’t recognize what you have done wrong you can correct it by doing the half swing speed at any time to help correct and deficits.

On the next post I will provide incite from another teaching pro on YouTube and what he had to say.


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