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Golf, How to swing the putter better!

To keep going in the same direction, I will talk about golf, how to swing the putter better.

I have been practicing in the living/dining room area to get my putting stroke to be the perfect golf swing. I have been putting all sorts of putts, from very long, about 20 feet to very short, about 2 feet.

During the past few weeks I have been watching some of the golf on TV.

I heard a remark about how well one of the leaders was putting and the announcers said that he had been concentrating on putts of ten feet or less. Early on last season, that’s what I was doing and it helped me score well. In general if you can putt decently you can always get within 10 feet of the hole but if you cannot make that next putt then this is where we can get into trouble with your golf scores.

I had gotten away from that and was doing what all the other golfers in my leagues were doing and practicing the long putts and then the left over putts. But I would use three or sometimes four balls at a time and hit them all and then putt them again all. Not very productive.

So, with the golf tips on TV I went back to one of my golf tips video series and went straight to the putting routine. I still practice in the living/dining rooms and next week I will tell you exactly what I do.

I am postponing this as I have made this post to long. But I will tell you right now I only practice with short putts of 12 feet or shorter.

See you next week.
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