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Golf, How to Swing More Tips

As I was saying in my last post, I get my information from many places and try to use one for most of the golf, how to swing tips I learn but then use others to help modify some of the things I just can’t get.

So, here I am looking at the Golf Channel and they are getting information from a guy named Kelly who is one of the finalist for being a teaching instructor on the golf channel. There is one thing he said that made a lot of sense but I have not been able to try it.

He said he got a lesson from Jack Nicholas and Jack said that in order to hit a good golf shot, you must keep your palm of the lower hand  facing up on the forward swing. This makes total sense to me. When I pull a ball my right hand will turn over and pull my club around and so the ball will go way left.

By keeping the palm straight up you cannot pull or push the ball. It will go straight. So, with this simple golf swing I am using, this info will help reinforce what I am trying to do.

See, that is the problem when learning from an experienced pro, they will tell you what you must do but will not explain why you must do it or will leave out a critical part of the equation.

So, just to wrap it up I will tell you this. You must address the ball with a straight line formed by your arms and golf club. That means that the line from your shoulders to the bottom of the club hossel is in a straight line. Your backswing is in tempo and short, your arms are about even with the ground. Use a 1-2 to go back and the same 1-2 count for the forward swing but you are accelerating as you go through the forward swing.

When you hit the ball and continue through the swing, keep you palm on the lower hand facing up.

This is about as simple as it gets. This will guarantee you to hit a straight shot wherever you are lined up. That is the last part of the swing is to line it up because the ball will go where you have it aimed. Even if you don’t want to go there, that is where you aimed.

My ten part series will provide more details but that is your simple golf swing so sign up for my newsletter. Two last things.

One, put the ball in the middle of your stance for every club, you can experiment with this and try locations one or two ball sizes away from center. Second, put your feet spread apart to shoulders width. Maybe a little wider for the driver and narrower for the eight, nine or wedge. Remember keep in tempo especially for the back swing. You cannot hit the ball on your back swing.


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