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Golf, How to Swing Like the Super Pro Mario

Golf, how to swing like Super Mario. More Rain. I am afraid that even if it stops raining for tomorrow the golf course will be too wet to play.

For sure we will be playing cart paths only with the golf carts.

I have been to the driving range three times this season and been on the golf course twice and it is near the end of May. What the heck is going on. At this rate I willplay about 10 rounds of golf this season, even with me belonging to two leagues.

This is a sad commentary. I forgot, the one night I did play golf it was only 44 degrees with a wind chill of 36 degrees. So I really cannot count that as a game of golf.

Like I started to say, if I do play tomorrow the conditions will be terrible. I guess I should stop complaining. I could be living in Joplin, MO and not even have golf clubs. We must give a shout out to all those affected by the 56 tornados that have touched ground this early spring season. With more than 300 dead and hundreds still missing it has been very bad for the south.

We are getting the same storms but all of the rough weather is gone and  we get lightning and thunder along with torrential rain. My next door neighbor is starting to build a boat of some kind. The neighbor on the other side has gone out and lashed down his boat to keep it from floating away.

So I hope you don’t think I am being insensitive to those people suffering but we are doing all we can to help except maybe go down there to lend a helping hand. We are looking into that but right now it does not look like we are going.

So, I would like to be able to play golf soon but I am not sure when that will happen. By the way, I sent an email to the leader of the third golf league I was subbing in last year and told them that I was not available. So I am just going to play in the two leagues that I have joined.

This was just a throw away post and I am sorry about that but I don’t feel like putting something witty together because of the gloomy weather. Maybe tomorrow will be better. So talk to you then.


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