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Golf, How to Swing Like a First Timer

I was on a roll. I was parring almost everything. The perfect golf swing was working and golf, how to swing like a pro was working.

Just a recap. After the first three holes I was one over par.

Then comes the 13th hole. I hit a decent drive but it was 40 yards short of my average. So I try to get to the green on the second shot but I am about 25 yards short. I have a sand trap right in front of me and the pin is close to this side of the green. This is my first attempt at a shot like this.

Normally, I would just make sure I get on the green but I tried to get close to the pin. I hit a nice shot and I think it is going to be just perfect but the ball lands in the trap. That’s three. I blast out of the trap and end up about six feet away from the pin and two putt for a six.

The 14th hole is the number 1 handicap hole. The drive is all up hill and my last drive was pretty poor, so I do what any self respectable golfer would do, I try to hit a 300 yard drive. And, I wanted to watch this magnificant drive. Well, I top it and it goes right into the water.

I grab a new ball a hit again. I hit a good drive and end up at the 150 marker to the green. I put an 8 iron on the front edge, chip on and one putt for a six. Two holes in a row are double bogie. I am now 5 over par.

The 15th hole is a right angle dogleg and I like cutting the corner. I hit the biggest drive I have ever hit and I am twenty yards from the green. I par it and then 16 a bogie as well as the par three 17th but it is almost completely dark on 17 so we quit when we get to the tee at 18 and find the foursome in front of us looking for their balls about 200 yards out.

We took a par for 18 and I end up at 7 over par for a total of 43. Not bad for the first round of the year.

There are two things I need to work on and that is chipping and putting. I gave up on the cross hand putting and went back to my natural putting grip. I did practice during the winter but apparently not enough. I only had one ball within three feet to putt at so I wasn’t able to one putt except one time.

I played pretty well for the first time and looking forward to getting better with more rounds of golf.

So, I am staying with Paul Wilson and the new web site call . His teaching method is easy and he explains everything. The stroke is not simple and easy but it appears to be one that I will play well with. I have no knowledge what he is getting for his videos now (his entire training library is now $67) as I got it at a 70% discount. But it beats going to an instructor and Cheap Levitra spending $50 to $100 per lesson to learn a technique that only the pros use.

It is your choice and you will have to practice a lot to get it right. Even so, I still use a back swing from the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt.

The back swing is only about chin high with your hands and I know his book with a video is $67.

If you don’t like to practice a lot then go with the Simple Golf Swing as it is simple to use and should help get you under the 50 mark for nine or under 100 for 18.

Well I’ve gotten long winded again. My next post will be on Friday and I will explain the Simple Golf Swing a little more and also put a video on the post for Paul Wilson so you can see what he is all about. He has 56 videos on YouTube if you want to look for your self. A couple of post back I put a video on there for his golf grip which I really love (clickhere). You might want to take a look while you’re here.

Well, until tomorrow. See ya!

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