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The Perfect Golf Swing is Well Perfect

The perfect golf swing


The perfect golf swing is perfect

The more I get out and play the better my golf game gets. The perfect golf swing is just about that. I am playing with a quiet confidence with every swing.

I have been averaging four rounds a week of nine hole play for a total of 36 holes per week. Even my wife is doing things she has never done before such as driving over a pond and reaching the green on a par 3. She just missed the birdie and did get the par.

Personally, I am hitting the ball better than I have over the last 15 years. My scores aren’t that great yet but I think that is just a matter of concentrating on the shots. I have a tendency to be a fast with my shot selection and don’t take the time to line up properly. My lags putts have come around and I am averaging 18 putts per round. Good but not great.

All of my shots are straight and true. So, if I am lined up and I have not aimed properly it will go where I have aimed it. I play on three or sometimes four different golf courses each week and I usually end up between 140 yards and 165 yards away from the green on most par fours so I am still experimenting with my  six through eight irons for distance and accuracy. These shots will determine the perfect golf swing.

Where is the need for the perfect golf swing scores

I need to get the perfect golf swing established for various yardages for these approach shots. I need to know if I am hitting the eight iron 135 or 150 yards. Am I hitting the seven iron 150 or 165 yards and so on. Then, once I determine those yardages, I will be able to hit any combination of yards with full, half or short golf swings with each of those clubs.

The same thing goes with my chipping and how the shot will react on each of the various greens. As you have probably guessed, I will put a chip onto a green and on some greens it will come up short while on other greens it will go long with the same shot. Or, like I mentioned last week, the curve of the ball will play differently on each green I play. So, I can then determine how far I want the ball to curve to get to the hole. Here is a video on chipping CLICK HERE NOW to watch.

These are all things I need to practice and remember so that I can score better at each golf course.  I guess I need to start using a daily diary for my golfing and how each green moves with the pin locations. All of these things will help me get the perfect golf swing scores.

I think that I will only get a little better as all of those things make it more like work than fun. Right now I am enjoying playing and if I get too serious about golf then I am afraid it won’t be fun any more.

What needs to be done to get the perfect golf swing and the very good golf score

Like I have said before, there is no such thing as a perfect golf swing. I keep writing about the perfect golf swing to get better ranking on the search engines so that I will get more people reading my blog. I am like most everyone, I am writing this for you and you but I want as many of you to read this as humanly possible.  I want to help you get better like I have done over the past two seasons. Last year, by seasons end, I got down to scores around 45. I have started the season with scores around 45 again.

So what is the difference between last year and this year. Well for one the swing is better. I am hitting more good shots and losing fewer golf balls. The balls have a better flight to them then last year but I was putting much better last year. If I putt like that this year then I will be in the low 40’s this year easily. Last year I average 15 putts per nine holes played. So that puts me at 41 easy if I do that this year. and if I get a couple of shots to hit the greens or even get chip shots close to the flag for a one putt tap in then I will be at 39 or 40 consistently.

The perfect golf swing is really a very good golf swing that is consistent and helps me get better golf scores.

Well, I will get back with you with my golf scores this week. I hope to play another four times this week.

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See ya in a day or two.

Lou M.

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