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The Perfect Golf Swing is Getting Pretty Good

The perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing is getting good

The perfect golf swing is getting pretty good. I have been hitting the ball well and the number of times that I screw up are getting fewer and fewer.

On Monday of this week, I played with a fellow who is older than me and we seemed to gell real good. We had seven pars, one double bogie and one birdie for a 37 total. It was an almost perfect round for the two of us except for one thing, his son and his son’s partner shot a 35. This took most of the luster out of this almost perfectly matched round. But the birdie on nine kind of made up for it.

What is keeping me from being very good

I am not playing badly and I have the perfect swing but about two maybe three shots a round I screw up. I had two drives that I put into the woods on the right side. These were so far right we could not find them and we had to use my partners drives. But we were able to recoop and do well on one but not so well on the other. The other I hit a great three metal but it was too long and I ended up in a pond that should not have been in play. Bad luck yes but a good hit which made up for the bad drive.

My irons are just about perfect. I have hit every green where I have used either a six iron to wedge. Also my putting has been much better with almost every lag putt within tap in range. So we are two putting but we only had two putts that gave us a decent score. One was the double bogie which could have been a triple bogie if I had not made the long putt. And my partner put in the one putt on nine to give us the birdie. So I was very pleased with the round and the striking of my clubs using my perfect golf swing.

The next day using my perfect golf swing

My wife and I went golfing on Tuesday at our closest golf course to try out my perfect golf swing again. Also, she is playing with me on Thursday as my partner is not going to be there. He is on vacation and we do not use subs so it is either I am the only one in the cart or I bring my wife and let her play. So I chose the later.

But back to Tuesday. We went out the same nine they usually send us to and told me that it was more open then the other two nines. Well, I parred the first three holes but we ran into the tail end of five foursomes back to back. Well, I don’t know aboiut you but when I go out to practice, I don’t want to spend more time sitting in the cart then hitting golf balls.

I looked around and found no one behind us and the third green is about thirty yards from the first tee. Well, we went over and teed them up again. I parred those three holes again and now I have parred six holes in a row. The seventh is a par three at 192 yards. We had a slight head wind but it was more across but I thought I needed more club so I used my two iron instead of the three iron. I hit a great  shot, the ball bounced once on the green and continued over. I found it about 15 yards behind the green.

I chipped on and it finished up 16 inches away from the cup and a tap in for a par. That makes seven pars in a row to go with my perfect golf swing.

I Don’t know how long my perfect golf swing will last.

I am just rolling along with my perfect golf swing but I get this prickly feeling in the back of my neck. My drive on the sixth hole is just about perfect but my second shot is not. I hit my five hybrid and it takes off towards the green but it gets up over the trees and the wind takes it thirty yards wide and short of the green. I chip on and two putt for a bogie five.

The next hole is a par five and I hit another perfect drive, then a great three wood and I am forty yards from the green. I decide to try my sand wedge and hit it good but not hard enough and I am ten feet short. I chip on perfectly and have a tap in for a par. The next hole is a par three about 183 yards with the pin tucked behind a sand trap and the wind still blowing from left to right. Actually, the last four holes go from south to north with the wind blowing from west to east and then the last two holes go from north to south with the wind blowing across still.

I hit my 5 hybrid again and again the wind takes it wide right and short. I chip up but the pin was too close and I rolled about 15 feet past the pin. I two putt for a bogie four. So, I have played 10 holes at two over par. The 8th hole has me befuddled. I have hit eight drives almost perfectly and this hole is an easy par four at 280 yards with the green elevated. It is wide open but there is a swamp land left of the cart path which is way out of the way except for me and my drive. I yank it dead left and it is LONG GONE. I put a ball down where it went out and landed on the green and two putted for a five.

The final hole I hit a perfect drive and probably the longest of the day. I am thirty yards from the green and I shank my wedge, then chip again but on this time and two putt for a five. So, out of the last five holes, I have four bogies and ended up playing 12 holes at four over par. A great round none the less. The perfect golf swing worked 95% of the time and I am very happy. Between the two rounds I hit about 90% of my shots perfectly. Pretty good for the fifth week of the season. Two rounds at 37 and 40. I am a happy camper.

Well we shall see what we shall see about tomorrow. By the way, I think I am boring you with my exploits and thought I would start giving you articles from other writers that may be of interest. If anyone has something to say about that, please let me know. Anyway, that will not begin until three weeks from now as I am going on vacation next week. I will probably take my laptop with me and write about our exploits which may include my perfect golf swing.

I hope to write to you tomorrow or really probably Friday. So I will see ya then. Hey, sign up for my newsletter and get the first chapter from The Simple Golf Swing about the setup.

Lou M.

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