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My Perfect Golf Swing Admired

Perfect Golf Swing

Using your perfect golf swing with friends

Using your perfect golf swing with friends you have not seen for a while is a lot of fun. Even though you may hit a stinker of a shot once in a while your friends will still admire your golf swing and how much you have improved.

That is what happened to me yesterday. I played with a few of my friends from the league I played on for two years and two who I had worked with during past years.

The perfect golf swing was very good but like I said in my last post, I have to get my pre-shot routine down so that it is repeatable. Again, I hit the first three or four drives great and then all of a sudden I went down the poop tube. It wasn’t until five holes later I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Then I hit a bunch of good hits with the perfect golf swing after that.

Where did the perfect golf swing go wrong?

My driver was set up to help the hitter draw the ball easier. I am not that person and it causes me problems if I don’t hold and swing the club properly. When your drives go bad it is hard to recover from it even using the perfect golf swing.

Like we should do, I hit the ball with it located at my left heal. With the club partially closed, the club will hit the ball left unless you do something differently. I have to quite on my swing and not pull it around my shoulders. I have to kind of hit a punch type shot. Unless, I open the club face slightly. The I can swing away and not worry about any errors.

So as the round went by I finally figured out what had happened and corrected the issue. This of course brought to my attention the need for the pre-shot routine needed to ensure a perfect golf swing with perfect alignment. So towards the end of the round I began using a shortened version of the pro pre-shot routine. It seemed to help and I am pretty sure I will be able to be more consistent using my perfect golf swing.

What else was used to help the perfect golf swing?

To ensure I was doing things properly using my perfect golf swing, I went and reviewed some things on YouTube. I found and interesting idea call the no back swing back swing. So I copied the location of the picture tutorial and then a video of using the no back swing back swing.

I did try it a couple of times to see if it would work as easy as it seemed to on the video. I was pleased and it helped me with my perfect golf swing get back to perfect. So with out any further to do, here is the location of the pictures and then the location of the video. I would view them in that order.

To help you with your perfect golf swing is the picture location;

and now the video for your clarification;

You may want to know why this is so important? Well, my perfect golf swing is based on the tutorials of both “Simple Golf Swings” The one at first by David Nevogt and then more recently by the Symple Golf company. Both incorporate the 3/4 back swing like explained by the pictures and video presented to you.

It makes life so much simpler using the simple short back swing or like the video says, no back swing. And I can remember how many instructors would try to help the newbie start out with the proper location of the club during the back swing by putting your hands out in front of you and then rotate around to your right  for right handed people. This is part of the perfect golf swing for repetition, simplicity and smoothness.

Remember to sign up for my newsletter and you will also get the location of the Symple Golf web site so that you can review their products so you can get what will help you get your perfect golf swing. When you purchase their simple golf swing, I will provide you with more details that I have used to help my overall game to make it better.

I use about 75% of their instruction but have incorporated instructions from other teachers that have different ways of doing things. When we get through you will have all the tools you need to have the perfect golf swing for you. If you can, keep this post book marked so that you can review the no-back swing swing to help you use the 3/4 swing as part of the perfect golf swing.

So please CLICK HERE NOW to sign up and get your tutorial.

See ya next week.


Lou M.

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