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The Perfect Golf Swing Goes Bad

Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing goes away

The perfect golf swing goes bad on me and I know it is because I am swinging too hard. On Wednesday with the boys, I cannot find the fairway or greens to save my butt until I talk it over with my cart buddy. And sure enough I do one of those things that are suppose to help with a lost golf swing.

I do the very slow motion swing! Simple and easy.

That’s right, I do the very slow motion back swing, forward swing and follow through. I do this for about two minutes while the guys are in after the ninth hole to get drinks. I get the groove back and on the back nine I play so much better that it almost looks like someone else playing in my place.

On the front nine I have a 46 and on the back nine I have a 40. What a difference. Then we play four more holes as there are not many people out there so we just keep playing. On those four holes I am even par.

We finish up and go into the club house for dinner and drinks. Not many drinks though, actually just one for me as I am driving and I am happy to have my perfect golf swing back.

We play again on Thursday for my perfect golf swing

On Thursday my wife and I go out again to play to practice our perfect golf swings. The temp is suppose to get to be 77 degrees and sunny. I practice my slow motion golf swing but I can’t dilly dally too much as there are lots of golfers out today. Play is slow and it is driving me crazy.

With the boys on Wednesday we play ready golf and if you are ready to play you shoot. We can play 18 holes with four golfers in less than 4 hours. Today, it takes us 2 hours and 15 minutes to play nine holes. We wait on every shot, some times as much as 10 minutes.

Ugh, I can’t stand it. I have to warm up again on almost every shot. some times I am so anxious that I don’t and hurry my swing. The results are not as good but I still shoot a 43, Respectable but not what I was hoping for, that’s for sure.

I had signs of brilliance but it was fleeting as I just have no patience for waiting on the golf course. We play the nine and head for home. It was time to get out in the yard and get ready for winter. Don’t worry, I suspect I will still be playing golf come November.

I have played into November for the last two years and some guys have told me they are playing into December but I cannot as it is just no fun when it is that cold. Besides the golf courses are basically shut down and the greens are not mowed nor are the fairways.

So I practice my perfect golf swing in the garage and some in the house with my cut off club. My putting has gotten better towards the end of the season but I need to practice over the winter to get better.

Anyway, I have to cut this short as I am changing cable companies and they should be here any minute. I thought I would leave you with this One video. No it is not about the perfect golf swing but just the opposite.

This video is about the worst golf swings you can ever see. Is your golf swing in here?

Anyway, enjoy;

Did you enjoy. I recognize a couple of guys I play with but there are two others that should be included.

Anyway, see ya next week with more info about the perfect golf swing.

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