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The Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway

The perfect golf swing has six parts to it just like the bad golf swing. This particular article is about just one part of the perfect golf swing and that is the takeaway that leads to your back swing. So enjoy the article and see if it will help.

The perfect takeaway puts you in a position to swing in balance, it establishes the width of your swing arc, and it enables you to consistently arrive at the top of your back swing with your body in the correct position, and moving in the correct sequence, so that you can make a great downswing.

The downswing happens way to quickly for you to consistently and efficiently compensate for being even slightly out of synch coming into the transition at the top of your swing.

And, perhaps most importantly from your perspective as someone trying to improve your swing, a perfect takeaway dramatically reduces the time and effort required to learn a great golf swing.  It simplifies the whole swing, removes the need for complex compensations and manipulations later in the swing, and thus promotes repetition and consistency….More at Full Swing 201. Takeaway: The Perfect Takeaway | Golf Loopy

I hope that helps you with the perfect golf swing for you. There is obviously more to the golf swing then just the takeaway so to help with things, I have included two more aides. The first is a video that describes the swing in more detail for each of the six parts of the golf swing. The second video helps those that have a tendency to slice the golf ball by helping you start the forward swing to insure that you do not slice.

Here is the first video call The six parts of a the perfect golf swing.

This video is from and the link will be included to help you find more videos on their site.

The videos were filmed with Pro Golfer, and long ball champ, Nyle Pruitt. There are 30 more videos on his video for your viewing pleasure.

This next video is developed and owned by PGA Professional Brad Patterson, 2011 CNY PGA Teacher of the Year and 2011 President’s Plaque award winner for Growth of the Game and Player Development. This drill has a 100% success rate of curing a slice, a fade, a push within a couple of minutes. Enjoy and I am sure you will cure what ails you if you follow his lead.

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The Perfect golf Swing Tips

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