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How to Swing in Golf For More Speed

How to swing in golf – How to swing in golf for more club head speed

How to swing in golf to get more club head speed

To learn how to swing in golf to get more club head speed is not easy to learn. Maybe it is hard because if you ask 10 instructors how to get more club head speed they will tell you 10 different ways to do it. It’s like looking for the perfect golf swing. It only exist for you if you hit the ball well. The basics don’t matter because every one has a different way of getting from point a to b to c.

Just look at the pros, they all have a different back swing and forward swing. Some look out of control while others look smooth and in control. So what I am going to give you is just one method for getting more club head speed to hit the ball further. By doing this you will have one way to learn how to swing in golf for more club head speed.

How to Swing in golf with the basics first

Now in order to learn how to swing in golf using this method for greater club head speed you need to agree with the concept of turning your upper body with your swing as one piece. You have to agree that you can turn your upper torso in one piece and that the turn will be 90 degrees.

Then when you rotate through on the forward swing you will lead with your hips with the upper torso following the hips at a prescribe speed. You have to agree that the upper torso will more at a speed of 1, 2 or 3 mph and no faster. If you normally swing with your arms only with no body movement then none of this will make sense. Or if you feel that the only movement with the upper torso is at 3 mph then you cannot achieve any better speeds nor can you control the swing.

Actually you can practice your torso rotation with a slooooow turn then with a moderate turn and then with a fast turn. These are the tricks I learned with Paul Wilson from Revolution Golf. They have been reinforced by a fellow by the name of Conan Elliot whose video (click on this video link to watch it) I watched a couple of days ago to help you discover how to swing in golf to get a faster swing to hit the ball further.

How to swing in golf with this torso turn.

Conan prescribes that in order to learn how to swing in golf for more speed to get longer distances from your clubs you must rotate 90 degrees, rotate with your hips with your torso following and keeping the arm straight without adding your wrist into the swing.

He thinks that using the wrist to generate more speed will weaken your golf swing and ultimately slow your swing down. So he wants you to keep your arms and wrist locked during the forward swing until just before impact. Therefore, you should use your body to generate the highest torso rotation for high club head speed.

It has been stated by Paul Wilson that he can control his sand wedge and pitching wedge so that he can generate 12 separate distances from 130 yards down to 30 yards just by using a 1, 2 or 3 mph body rotation and a full, medium or  short back swing. This is his version of how to swing in golf for more golf club head speed.

How to swing in golf with only two speeds

If you only have one speed to use when you are learning how to swing in golf then it is possible to get more speed out of your swing by using a second speed. I say that being pretty sure that the swing you have now does not have your torso rotating at 3 mph but at something slower and you are using your arms to generate the club head speed you want.

I can state that with a clear conscious and a strong belief that you cannot prove me wrong. So this started out being a golf tip on how to generate more club head speed but is turning out to be a lesson on the golf swing.

Using just your arms for your golf swing will never result in a good golf swing and certainly will never result in the perfect golf swing. You must use your body to bring the club back in the back swing and try to get as close to a 90 degree rotation as is humanly possible. Then you must uncoil your body using your big muscles first and then follow with your arms and wrists with the club cocked and ready to smack that ball to generate that how to swing in golf swing.

How to swing in golf with your forward swing

Your swing does not end there on how to swing in golf with your forward swing. You are not through with your swing just after impact. You must, I repeat must continue your swing until the club is wrapped around your head. Not really around  your head but it must either just touch your head or come close. After impact and the club continues around, you will have to raise your head to see the flight of the ball as your arms will force you to look up.

But you will only watch the ball with a side ways view as your head should not pop up to look at the ball as this will cause you problems with your follow through. Man there is so much to learn. No wonder you don’t want to learn how to swing in golf.

How to swing in golf with the Simple Golf Swing

I believe that is why the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt is so popular when learn how to swing in golf. It requires a short simple back swing and a simple forward swing. You will not have the great distances like many of your buddies but you will be in the middle of the fairway most of the time and shorter but not in trouble like you normally are.

So if you can hit three good shots on a par 4 and two putt, how many strokes would that reduce your golf score. That would be true with the par fives also. There is no reason you should not be on the green in three and then two putt for a par five. Look, if you could do that for the entire course and land on the green in one at the par threes and two putt for a par your scores would be only 10 over par for 18 holes. When was the last time you did that.

Ok you are hitting the drive about 210 yards and your buddies are hitting 260 but are in the long rough or even in the woods and your next shot is a three metal instead of a five iron and then you have to pitch or chip onto the green and two putt, what a great round that would be. And how good would you feel to be shooting in the 80’s while your long driving buddies are getting 90’s for their score.

You have a choice, you can try and learn a complicated swing or choose the simple golf swing and improve your golf scores in nothing flat, what would that feel like. To really learn how to swing in golf using the simple golf swing method is really the best choice for the average middle aged man or woman. You must make up your mind what you want to do. Good Luck.

Lou M.

P.S. I think I just talked myself into using the Simple Golf Swing myself. I thought I would just teach it to my wife and I would use the more complex swing for me but I think that is wrong, I think the simple swing is the best. So if you are like minded then click on the banner below or use the opt-in box at the upper right for the simple golf swing. Thanks.

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