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Perfect Golf Swing My Way

My Perfect Golf Swing

Here I sit at my kitchen table typing this blog post about my perfect golf swing. How do I know I have a perfect golf swing? I don’t! When I ended the season last year I was playing well, the scores were way down and the swing was nice and easy. I was scoring well, there was no shot that I could not hit except my driver. But I made accommodations for that by using my three metal, two iron and sometimes my 5 hybrid.

Anyway, I thought my golf swing was grooved. Over the past 3 or 4 months I have been looking at a lot of videos about the golf swing. I also got a new driver and three metal from Adams at a store near me at a great price. As a matter I have yet to see anyone with an equal or better price for these clubs.

I did get to swing them at the domed driving range and the swing felt sweet. But I am getting “cabin fever”. We like the rest of the country have been down from our normal snow fall but we have recently had some more snow and are now above average. But the weather sucks and we don’t get much sun.

I am thinking about taking a road trip down I-75 to maybe Kentucky or Tennessee to get to a warmer climate to play some golf.

What I have Learned

Probably like you we have watched the golf tournaments and have seen two of our favorite golfers do well and win, big time. And with my golf swing tips posts I have been doing for you I find them to be very helpful for me.

I learned about the “claw”” for putting and think I am going to try that before I cut up my putter. I learned what to do with my right elbow before I get the forward swing going. I have learned how to get speed out of my swing rather then using brute force to try and get more distance. I also have learned that the distances I am hitting now are normal for the swing speed I have been tested at.

I have come to realize that as we get older our swings aren’t as fast as they used to be. Even so the golf swing is still pretty good as I have been doing stretching exercises for the past few years after going to a Chiropractor for three years.

So, I am ready to play the best golf I have played in almost 20 years but it is killing me to be cooped up in this house, in this cold and without any sun. I go out to the garage every now and then and swing the clubs to see how I am doing but it doesn’t help very much. I was talking to the owner of our local store at the corner and he said “I can’t do that I will wait until March and then start going to the driving range”. We do have a couple of ranges that are still outdoors with heated tee areas.

Where to play or practice

If you are south and get to play all year round I envy you.Maybe someday after the family gets a little smaller…

Maybe what I should do is take the patio furniture back outside and set up my garage so I can swing the club easier with more room. It will still be cold but I’ve got long underwear I can use and it is getting a little warmer. We are getting longer days but still very little sunshine. So Spring and Summer is closing in and that is something to get excited about.

It is time to start grooving the golf swing to get the perfect golf swing tuned and ready for the golf season.

Review of the Blog Post

Initially, when I started my quest for the perfect golf swing I thought I could not score in the 30’s any more but I think I am going to be able to do that. Maybe not every round but I bet my average will be right around 40 for the season. And when I get to play 18 holes, I could be in the 70’s but more than likely I will be right around 80.

I like that and that will put me in the top two at both leagues I play in. If you have followed me in my blog you know exactly what I have gone through. I have purchased 7 tutorials about the perfect golf swing, I have reviewed hundreds of videos and read over 75 articles about all aspects of the golf swing.

You have received golf swing tips about most parts of the golf swing so that you could be better but you have not spent any money on the tutorials I have found to be the best. These are the ones I have found to be easy to learn, easy to retain, easy to execute and easy to score with. You can be competitive with these golf swing tutorials and they are not expensive. One runs less then $60 and the other is less then $70. You get pdf eBooks and videos to help illustrate the various parts of the golf grip and swing.

I started this blog to see what it takes to get a better golf swing and to show you what can be done without you having to spend the money I have spent. It is about $700 so far but I am not going to spend anymore on golf swing lessons as I have got my perfect golf swing and will outplay 95% of the golfers I play with for the rest of my life.

I am no longer a “HACKER” and it took a lot more time then I thought it would to get to this position but here I am and if you choose not to follow my advice then that is your choice but I am a lot better golfer now then I was just two short years ago.

My Favorite Golf Swing Tutorials

My two favorite golf swing tutorials are both simply called the “Simple Golf Swing”. My preference is the one produced by the Symple Golf Company and is the cheapest. It gives me a new grip, different swing that is easy and I play better.

So if you decide you want to try one here is what you do.

The Symple Golf golf swing can be found by using this link for GOLF SWING. It will take you to a sign up page to sign up for my newsletter and to get email info about my new blog posts and then once you have signed on and you press “Get Instant Access” it will give you instant access to the Symple Golf golf swing. This is my preference.

Similar, if you go to the signup page at the top right of this page and fill out your name and email it will also take you to the Simple Golf Swing from David Nevogt but he does not own it anymore but nothing has changed except the price is a little higher now. They have sold over 2 million copies of the Simple Golf Swing so it is pretty popular but this is my second choice.

To be up front with you I will make some money off of either one of these and any of the other five I have purchased but these two are the best and I will make about half of the money from the Symple golf swing as I would make from the Simple golf swing. So I have chosen what I think is the best. If you think I do not deserve to make any money then just look up either one of these and go there on your own and the owners will make 100% of the profit.

So good luck and I am sorry if this became a pitchfest but I wanted to get it off of my chest and help you learn the best method to play golf and make you a better golfer.

See ya at the next post.

From Lou M.
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