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My Perfect Golf Swing Without The Driver

Perfect Golf Swing

I played golf using my perfect golf swing but I did not use my driver. I played Wednesday with the boys and it was 47 degrees. I dressed for it with five layers of clothes. I was able to strip down one layer as the temp got a little better and there was hardly any breeze.

My driver sucks big time. I tried to hit nice easy swings, faster golf swings, more pressure on my left foot and a couple of things more to no avail. I drove seven balls into the woods, I was able to find it five times and more balls, 6 more in total, while searching. But they each cost me a stroke and I ended up shooting an 87.

So, what does that tell me. I need to do something about my driver. Today, I went golfing with my wife. It was in the low 50’s while we golfed and I shot a 41. I probably would have shot one or two strokes better but I got irritated due to slow play.

I don’t know what rules you play by but where I play, if you are slow and holding up people behind you, you let them play through. You wait and then continue your play. If another group comes up and they are faster, you let them play through.

Well, there was a foursome in the way of the twosome in front of us and our twosome following them. They were behind the group of four and they would not let them play through. Therefore we could not play through. So we ended up playing nine holes in 2 hours and 20 minutes. That sucks!

They are lucky that I was not following directly behind them as I would have played into them until they got tired of dodging golf balls but the guys in front of us were too nice to do that.

But I should blame the golf course for this. They should not let singles and twosome out without trying to fill in the foursome. That would stop that but it seems to be a common fault by the golf courses in my neck of the woods.

When I play with the guys on Wednesday, we generally have a fivesome or sometimes a sixsome but we play ready golf and another foursome or even a three some will normally not be faster then we are. Three weeks ago we played a sixsome and was keeping up with four old ladies. As a matter of fact we had to wait on some shots.

Anyway back to playing today without my driver. I would use my three metal on par fives and still got on both in regulation. Played either the three metal or a 2 iron on all of the par fours and had four bogies and a bogie on a par three.

I hit six fairways in regulation and four greens in regulation using my perfect golf swing. I missed a couple as I clubbed down so as to not hit into the guys in front of us because I got tired of waiting. I hit one par three in regulation and parred it and missed the other for a bogie.

All in all, I thought I played pretty good today. About 52 degrees, with 7 to 15 mph winds, slow play and no driver and shot a 41. Heck I might do that for the rest of the season until I get a new driver and three metal.

I am beginning to think I should hang it up for the season as the weather is getting colder. Next week they are predicting 42 degrees on Wednesday and I am not sure I want to play in weather that cold.

That reminds me of I guy I used to work with. He and his buddies played all winter as long as it was 30+ degrees. Even if the course was snow covered they would still play. That seems crazy to me. He said they would play in their snow mobile suits if they had to and winter boots. Ugh, it makes me ill just thinking about it.

Oh well, to each his/her own.

I have been looking at the drivers and want to go before Black Friday as there appears to be good deals going on right now. I think I will buy either the Ping G20 or the Adams Fast 12. I need to try them at my nearby golf store.

I have not found a video comparing the two but I have found a few instances when they have said that they have tried both and prefer one over the other. But there has not been a clear winner.

I was going to put up videos of both but I did that on the last post I think so you have that already. So no video today. See ya next week with more info about my perfect golf swing.

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Sere ya next week.


Lou M.

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