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The New Perfect Golf Swing

How to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing is now here, if you want to learn more get on my newsletter list and get instant access to the Simple Golf Swing Set-up chapter by clicking here. I have been involved in a number of things since last week so my golf swing is getting better, not the perfect golf swing but a better golf swing. But, I can see it becoming the perfect golf swing with very little effort.

As a matter of fact, I just bought my first hybrid golf club. Last year I lost my 5 iron and could not find a suitable replacement. So this year I used a couple of my gift certificates from Christmas to go see about getting a five hybrid.

One of the local 2 store chains is within 10 miles of me so I went there as they allow us to try out some of the clubs before purchasing. So I told the sales person that I wanted to replace my 5 iron. He suggested a hybrid so I said I would like to try one. He first gave me two number 3 hybrids, one with a stiff shaft and one with a regular shaft and a bucket of 20 balls. To be perfectly honest I could not tell the difference between the two clubs.

Their driving range is decorated with a fake pond and sand traps and flags at various distances but with all the color and balls all over the range it is hard to see where the balls were landing. It appeared I was hitting the #3 hybrids about 210 yards give or take about 10 yards. I thought that was pretty good and the new swing felt good. The balls were going exactly where I hit them and for the most part straight or a slight draw. My new perfect golf swing?

The perfect golf swing using #5 hybrids

So, I went in a told him my golf swing was the perfect golf swing but I could not see the difference between the clubs. I did tell him that one club felt a little better and the ball went a little higher and straighter. That was the stiff shafted club. So he went a got three more clubs, all #5 hybrids. Three different manufacturers. I hit all three about the same. I could not see the balls landing.

I think they were landing in the pond area which would put it at 185 yards or more. A couple I could see land were in the traps beyond the fake water which would put me close to 200 yards if their markers are correct. Pretty good! The golf swing felt really good. The hardest part about the swing is the golf grip. If I take my time and make sure I have the grip proper then the perfect golf swing is good and the ball goes straight or a slight draw. So I bought an Adams #5 Hybrid with cover for $120. Pretty good I think. I like it so it should be fun.

What does the perfect golf swing bring me

With does all of this experimentation bring me. I hope to my perfect golf swing. When I play a couple of rounds with this perfect golf swing and I like it even more I will let you know which one it is. I am sure that you have never heard of this one. I hope to become their largest distributor if the swing works out. But I am not going to promote something that is not easy to learn or doesn’t work. So I must be sure.

I can tell you that Paul Wilson, Bobby Wilson, Don Trahan, and all of the others except the Simple Golf Swing do not work for us hackers. They are too complex and are not easily repeatable for someone that plays less than 40 rounds per year. I like the Simple Golf Swing except you have to give up distance to make it work. This new one I am trying has distance built into the swing. So I am anxious to see what I can really do on the golf course to get to my perfect golf swing.

Why can’t I play with the perfect golf swing

Therein lies the rub to keeping me from the perfect golf swing. I am stuck in my house because I have an assortment of people coming and going as I am having my kitchen remodeled. I was not given a schedule and there appears there was no schedule so a complaint was logged and now we are getting people coming here every day and we cannot leave the house with strangers. So we are stranded until they are complete or there is a break in the schedule.

So for now what I am doing is using the shaft with grip that they took off my old driver and and I practice the grip until I can get out and play. I can get out in the yard to swing the club. So it is practice, practice and more practice. I cannot go out into the garage anymore as it is filled with appliances for the kitchen. Oh well! It will get done and the golf swing will eventually become my perfect golf swing. Especially if this is the one.

How to practice the perfect golf swing

I can tell you that I can still practice my perfect golf swing forĀ  chipping and putting using a combo of golf balls and plastic wiffle balls. I believe that the one thing I have learned is that the over lapping golf grip used in putting is the grip I am using all the time. My swing will be just using the large muscles and I will place most of my weight on the left foot. I will also choke up on the golf grip so that I have better control of the putter.

The putter and wedge or the sand wedge can be used to practice. So I am continuing my practice in that regard. You too can practice. By the way I had a meeting today with my Thursday golf league and we will begin May 17th. My Monday league will begin May 7th. So I am still a couple of weeks away from my league play. Both leagues will be for 15 weeks so with out any extra play I will golf 30 times this year in the leagues unless I do some other golfing. My wife has already expressed an interest in playing so I will play an additional 20 times or more with her.

I am hoping by the mid season I will be golfing around 40 for nine holes. Maybe even some rounds in the 30’s. So I will keep you abreast of my progress for my perfect golf swing.

See ya next week.


Lou M.

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