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The Perfect Golf Swing Takes Work

The perfect golf swing takes work. It cannot be achieved by watching videos but by trying out the things you are learning in these videos about the perfect golf swing and trying to get away from the things you don’t want to do.

Yesterday, I told you my wife and I were going golfing. For both of us it was an opportunity to practice and get better.

My wife is very slow to make changes and has tendencies to revert back to what she knows. This is pretty much the same with most golfers that have learned how the golf swing works from friends and family.

It takes work and the mental attitude that you can do better that makes golfers have a very good golf swing and good golf scores. These people make adjustments all the time and change things about their golf swing to make it better.

The first four holes I let my wife hack her way around the golf course. Suddenly I said to her, “having fun?” After she told me NO! I reminded her that she was hitting the ball better when she used a half backswing.

I saw the light bulb go on and she smiled. The next shot was with a backswing that was no more then waist high. The ball went up in the air and it went quite a distance further than over the past four holes.

Then I reminded her about the mark on her golf grip so that she could make sure she was aiming in the right direction. I also had her align herself, then place the club on the ground with the shaft touching toes of both feet and see where she was aiming.

Now she was hitting the ball in the air and straight at where she was aiming. For the next five holes she was having fun.

She was in a catch 22 though. She was enjoying herself so much she wanted to play more golf but she also wanted to go to the casino. After all that is what vacations are for, it is to do the things you don’t normally get to do. So, I promised her we could go golfing tomorrow and that eased her mind.

Todays golf tips are this; if you are having troubles with your golf swing then go back to the basics and second use slower or shortened basics to help you get back to normal.

That is what I was trying to do myself and when we go to the course again today I will spend more time with slow motions back swing to get the basics. I have realized that in order for me to hit consistent good shots, I have to concentrate on the basics.

If I try to hit the ball with an automatic swing without concentrating, I do not hit a good golf shot. So I need to concentrate on the basics and keep practicing to get the grooved golf swing.

Finally, I wanted to see what the difference was, in distance, with my driver and my three metal wood. So, I took my driver and three to the last tee of the nine with two balls to hit each one and compare.

I hit the driver perfect and the launch trajectory was high and they have a tree over hanging the drive path. If you hit the ball low like most hitters it does not come into play but that was not so for me. I did not hit anything solid except for a bunch of leaves. I lost site of the ball but kept watching for it to either drop or finally land. It landed way out there but I was sure the exchange with the tree caused it to go less then hoped but it was in the fairway and as it turned out it was by the 150 yard mark.

So I then used my three metal and creamed it and I did not have to worry about height and the tree. It’s funny, if I want to keep the ball low on my drive I must hit my three metal and if I want a nice high drive, I use my driver. When all was said and done, the two balls where just about at the same distance from the green. The three metal was just about 10 yards longer, it was about 240 out and the driver was about 230 out.

That means I learned nothing except the driver goes further, I think. I guess, I’ll have to try it again on a hole that is more wide open and hope I duplicate the golf swings for both. I am still on my quest for the perfect golf swing.

Man, another long post. Sorry about that. Oh well see you tomorrow after my league play and practice round with my wife.

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