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My Golf The Game of Life

 My Golf the Game of Life

It takes a near death experience to sometimes appreciate what you have right in front of you. This article is about a man and his renewed interest in golf. Please read the article and enjoy.

Golf has many signs of a quasi-religious sport: a clear boundary and precise rules to keep the game intact and within the realm of imagination, a lingo that betrays its connection to life — clubs, traps, hazards, a score, bogeys, greens and fairways. I could write a chapter of a book on each as a metaphor. The 18 holes suggest the Jewish number for life. Most games are an abbreviated, symbolic round of life. A green is like Eden: You reach it, and you feel that you have arrived at an unearthly place with its perfect grass and chance at salvation.

Golf offers an opportunity to be in the sun, to feel the beauty of nature up close — the courses I choose to play are usually quite natural and environmentally sensitive. One course near my house has a blackboard in the sign-up room where you can scratch in any wildlife you spotted on your round….More at Golf: The Game of Life – Huffington Post (blog)

When you are playing golf what do you think about. I know when we play there is usually a lot of talk going on about various things including golf. I also know that every now and again, I stop while analyzing the next shot and take in the pretty view ahead. I can play a hole 20 or more times and all of a sudden I see it for the first time.

At those times I sometimes pull out a camera and take a picture but the picture just doesn’t do it justice. So, I just remember the beauty and put the picture away.

From Lou.

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