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Time To Launch Your Perfect Golf Swing

The Perfect golf swing – Time to launch your perfect golf swing

Perfect golf swing season is beginning

The perfect golf swing time is here and it is time for how to swing in golf. I don ‘t know about you but the winter went by fast and it is time to launch your perfect golf swing. Of course we have had record breaking season of days over 40 degrees and the least amount of snow fall in a winter.

I used my snow blower one time and it was only about three inches. I could have shoveled it but I needed to get the blower out and use it once. I didn’t know it was going to be the only time I would use it but hey what can I say. What I can say is this. It is almost time to launch your new perfect golf swing as you have been practicing every day right.

NOOOOOOO! You have not been practicing? Well the good thing is most leagues won’t start for another month so you can still practice. If you practice just thirty minutes every day, you should be ready with your perfect golf swing.

Want to start with the perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing. We could make many excuses why we haven’t practiced but why bother. The most important thing is that we still have time to get practiced. If you have not practiced because you don’t have the room or ceiling height to practce the perfect golf swing then let’s practice putting.

If you can practice putting I guarantee you will take 2 to 4 strokes off of your score for just nine holes. The number of three putts will be reduced to none. Let’s start out simple. Take a newspaper section and roll it up. Put a rubber band around it or use a paper clip or even a string. Lay it down as far away as you can with the paper facing towards you so that you can see the entire length of the paper.

Now you will get about 6 balls out of your bag. Practice putting up to the paper. Just do this over and over again. I would take the paper to where you putted from and hit the putts from where you had the paper at. When you get to the point where you have hit the paper six times in a row and you are sure that it would not have gone past the paper by six feet then get out as roll of toilet paper and do the same thing.

I am going to assume you only have about 10 to 12 feet to putt but if you have more like a connected living and dining room where you can get 20 or more feet to putt then that would be better yet.

Ok, so you are trying to hit a roll of toilet paper. It is hard and you can only hit one out of the six but are your balls are going to within three feet or less. Would that be a two putt lag putt. If so you are getting better and maybe you may want to go back to the rolled up newspaper. Try the newspaper and try to hit the middle like it where the toilet roll. This is going to be your perfect golf swing, the perfect putt.

What to try next for the perfect golf swing

What should you do the get the perfect golf swing next. You cannot swing a club so you are limited to putting or chipping. You can buy a bag of wiffle balls for about $5.00. You can use a small waist basket to try and chip into and practice your chipping also. You could spend thirty minutes on putting and thirty minutes on chipping.

Think over your game, how many times have you been close to the green in two only to screw up the chip so that you have to chip again and then three put after that. That is two strokes you could eliminate just by practicing between now and April 15th or about. Here is something you can try to help with chipping.

Line up over the ball like you would putt but you have your wedge in your hands. Just swing the wedge like you would the putter. I use the reverse overlap grip for my putting and it gives me more control. The reverse over lap is the opposite of the regular overlap grip except it is the left hand that overlaps the right hand using two fingers. Try that for awhile until it feels comfortable. Then when it feels good try it like you would on a long lag putt using the same putting stroke. This is a stroke you are going to use when you are about 20 feet or closer to the green and need to chip. Some people would rather putt but that is up to you. The perfect golf swing is different for every person. You cannot swing a club because you do not have the room so you are trying to reduce strokes by getting better at chipping and putting, These are your money strokes.

But you do have room to practice your perfect golf swing

Practice your perfect golf swing is something you have the room to do but you have been negligent. That’s ok because we still have about four or five weeks to work on it.

I have given you the the simple golf swing which to me is the perfect golf swing for all hackers regardless of age unless you are a 15 handicap or less for 18 holes then you need something I cannot help you with but I would probably suggest using Bobby Wilson, the long driving champ.

For you, the hacker, the simpler golf swing by David Nevogt is the best. It is basically a three quarter swing that keeps you in control and on the straight and narrow. This will help you get out of the 50’s for nine holes or out of the 100’s for 18 holes. What would it be like to shoot in the 40’s, either low or mid. Could you stand doing that?

Well, I have pretty much told you how to do it in a post about three or four back but you should buy it as it is cheaper then a golf lesson that would be worthless to you. You could change your entire swing in about three days and within two weeks be shooting in the mid 40’s. Please go to my sign up page in the top corner and I will tell you all about it and give you the log-in info about the Simple Golf Swing. This could be your perfect golf swing.

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