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Nearly Time for the Perfect Golf Swing

The Perfect golf swing

How to swing in golf with the perfect golf swing

This is how to swing in golf using the perfect golf swing. One of the things I see as common among all of the golf swing instructors is that they will try the swing in slow motion. Using slow motion it is possible to replicate the perfect golf swing and not try to hit a ball.

The weather is perfect for golf but we are not ready. The temperature has been running about 25 degrees over the average high for the day recently and it makes the itch seem even worse. Which now reminds me that there are 27 different types of swings that can be used.

The perfect golf swing is somewhere in among those 27 golf swings but is it really the perfect golf swing. I deal maybe but perfect, I don’t know. Like I have discussed before, there is not any one golf swing that is the perfect golf swing but there is a golf swing or two that is good for you.

Three different golf stances that make up the perfect golf swing

Part of the methods for trying to get the perfect golf swing is the way you stand when you address the ball and also when you swing. For an example, when you have your feet parallel to the balls flight path or even with the swing path is one way to stand at address. You are not trying to influence the golf swing in any way. The swing is just about perfect. Now when you are lined up like that take a nice slow swing to see if you are following the flight path of the ball. Take the swing slow and easy and try to be perfect.

Lets say that you would like to reduce the big slice you have with your current shot or that you would like to put a nice draw into the balls flight path. Then I would suggest that you pull your right foot back away from parallel by an inch or two inches or maybe even three inches. This will help prevent the golf swing from coming over the top and more able to swing inside out. Is this the perfect golf swing? This is called the closed golf swing stance.

The third stance is called the open golf swing stance and is not close to the perfect golf swing. This stance is used for those that want to fade their ball or has a tendency to pull the ball too much. This forces your swing to be more outside in or cut across the ball during the golf swing causing spin that will create a slice or fade. What you do is to pull your lead foot back from parallel by 1,2, 3 or more inches. This helps you to fade the ball on purpose, something most golfers would never want to do that but some courses or shots require you to slice the ball or a controlled fade.

So these are the three stances that that make up the perfect golf swing. Next are the swing paths.

The three perfect golf swing paths

The most important part of the perfect golf swing is the swing path. There are three basic types. Of course there are an infinite number of paths but they take three general types. The one we all strive for is the one where we swing our club straight down the flight path of the ball. Obviously the path is only parallel for a split second but the general route of the golf swing is parallel to the balls flight path.

Now compare that to the others that are outside in or inside out. The first that one that is the most common of the golf swings is the outside in where you cross the flight of the ball while taking the club from outside the path to a point inside the path. Most golfers do this because they are swinging with their arms only and their body is in the way. This is also caused because these golfers try to hit the ball harder and when they swing it causes the club to start outside. This will cause spin on the ball that will make it go to the right. It will mostly go right but it starts out left as the ball is hit across the normal flight of the ball. A slice is the result.

Finally the inside out swing is very uncommon. This is usually done by a better golfer. The swing is usually caused by a couple of faults in the swing unless it is done on purpose. It could be caused by having the hips too far in front of the arms and the arms are trying to catch up but the club is left open and you will get what is called a push and the ball will go out to the right.

The other cause of the inside out swing is what is called a slide where you move your body up and down the line of flight parallel with the golf ball. This also causes the hips to be in front of the arms and again the club face is left open causing the ball to go out to the right. To also do this on purpose you would keep your elbow tucked in close to your body and swing in that direction intentionally. This will help make a more perfect golf swing. Again, this golf swing is more often done by better golfers who are closer to the perfect golf swing.

What does ball location have to do with the perfect golf swing

The location of the golf ball in your golf stance has a lot to do with the perfect golf swing. This is pretty simple. If you want the ball to go higher, you move the ball forward toward your front foot and you will catch the ball on the upswing. If you want the ball to be hit perfectly then you put the ball at the bottom of your arc for a perfect hit. Finally, if you want the ball to go lower then you move the ball further back in your stance towards your back foot. Pretty simple for the perfect golf swing.

If you try to do all of these things you end up with 27 different golf swings. One or more of these swings will be the perfect golf swing. If you would like to practice these different variations then do a slow swing to see what each one feels like. Make it a noticeable swing and exaggerate what you are doing to see what each variation is about.

The season is fast approaching so get that perfect golf swing ready and start off the season with a bang. Also remember, you still have time to get the Simple Golf Swing and have the swing ready in less than three weeks. It is your best choice to getting a better golf swing. Not the perfect golf swing but a much better golf swing. Just sign up for my newsletter and get more info. Upper right corner.

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