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How to Swing in Golf Using Another Perfect Golf Swing

The Perfect golf swing – Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect golf swing

I have decided to look around for other types of how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing.Guess what? I found another type of tutorial on DVD’s to watch about creating a new nearly perfect golf swing. For those that like the idea of the Simple Golf Swing please sign up for my newsletter and you will gain instant access to the first chapter at no cost about the setup.

This one does not even resemble any other tutorial I have found. It is much different then any other type of golf instruction and I am not sure yet whether I like it or not. I have watched all three videos and the grade has not been registered.

I like it and then I don’t like it. I need to try the swing, then I will know whether I like it or not.

What is different about this perfect golf swing you say

You probably want to know what is different about this perfect golf swing then all of the others I have spent good hard earned cash on so far. This is another $47 venture and I couldn’t get my money out any faster then any of the others. So it has my attention.

I am not going to spend too much time on this new product as I have only watched the videos but I do like it. Here is one thing that I like very much. Their same intent is to have you swing a simple golf swing using the three quarter golf swing but with a slight difference. The grip is different, the swing is different, the follow through is different, the stance is different and a few more things are different.

But like I said I will have to try this new swing out to see if it is my new perfect golf swing.

What else is new about the perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing web site is now ranked higher then it has been before. I am working on what they call search engine optimization. I want more people to read my blog so I have changed the style a little to make it more liked by the search engines especially Google. That is why I changed the look and feel and how I write things now. As a result, I am on the front page of Google for at least three word groups that people like to search for. One is perfect golf swing.

When people like you are looking for more information about how to improve their golf swing they get the impression that they want the perfect golf swing. As you and I know already, there is no such thing as the perfect golf swing for all. There is a very good golf swing for your style of play. It may even be perfect for you as you can hit the ball better then you have ever hit the ball in your life. We can call that a perfect golf swing for you but it may not be perfect for Joey over there.

SO I have been trying various versions of what golf swing instructors call their perfect golf swing. Some are simple and others are complex and some are a combination of both. I have not found one that I can study, practice and go golfing and have the very best flight of a golf ball with all the various clubs.

So how do I know what is the perfect golf swing for you.

The big question is what is the perfect golf swing for you. Is there one tutorial from a golf swing instructor that makes sense for each of you with your particular style or golf swing. I thought I had the one, that was the Simple Golf Swing. It is almost the perfect golf swing with one exception or weakness if you want to call it. You have lost distance by up to 10% from your existing ass backwards golf swing.

The author recognizes that he has a deficiency in his golf swing with lost distances with his swing. Sometimes I would take the lost distance if I could be in the middle of the fairway. And I think you would too. So it was not a big deal until I ran into the senior and previous long driving champion selling his version of long ball hitting. I chose to use his as it made me the big dog but I was having problems trying to master his swing.

I was getting closer to his very nice swing and doing it with more distance but I never stop looking and ran into this new golf instruction DVD’s with a pdf on his site to read while watching what he talks about. Then one of his DVD’s is about types of practice to help you master the golf swing. But, that is no different then any of the other golf swing instructors. They all have methods of practice that will help you master their method of the perfect golf swing.

So what is next with the perfect golf swing.

Let me play with this new method of his golf swing and I will let you know whether I think it is the perfect golf swing for me and for you. I must tell you though, I really like it but I am not going to give you any more info then I have already.

I want you to know, I will not giving up on my quest for the perfect golf swing for you no matter how much money I have to spend. I may lead you astray for a short period of time but I will get you back on track. I still believe that the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt is the best golf swing for you the “hack” or the “I need help hitting the ball straight” hitter.

You will not go wrong with this tutorial. It will help the terrible hack become a decent hack and those that shoot in the 100’s shoot in the 90’s and those that shoot in the 90’s shoot in the 80’s but that is about as good as you will get. To shoot in the 70’s you need to be able to hit the ball farther and that is the issue I have with the Simple Golf Swing. I cannot get into the 70’s with any consistency using the Simple Golf Swing which is why I am using something else to get my perfect golf swing.

But don’t get me wrong, I am using the Simple golf swing to teach my wife how to be a better golfer. It is by far the best way to get to be a better golfer in the shortest period of time. Hopefully by next week I will have had time to golf and golf using the new tutorial I have just purchased and let you know if this is the holy grail for how to swing in golf for the perfect golf swing.

Until then enjoy the new season. Many of you have started playing golf  and are unhappy. You spent the winter doing nothing, now it is time to try and get better.

Please sign up for my newsletter and the complimentary first chapter to the Simple Golf Swing. Please use the sign in form in the upper right hand corner. Also when I get the time I will provide you with a new video I am working on to walk you through all the golf swing instructors I have purchased over the last 20 months.

See ya next week.


Lou M.

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