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My Perfect Golf Swing Needs Work Maybe?

Perfect Golf Swing

My perfect golf swing needs work

Here I am, back at home, after a great time in Chicago but no exercising my perfect golf swing. I have been on hiatus for my son’s wedding and we had an excellent time. If you live in New Orleans say hello to my son and his bride. That is where they are honeymooning. My son lived in the French Quarter of New Orleans for three years and still has a lot of friends there. So they decided to go back again for their honeymoon.

Anyway, I need to get out and play. The weather is not cooperating as it is scheduled to be 43 today and cloudy with a nice breeze. The rest of the week is suppose to be 47 and sunny except Wednesday which is suppose to rain. I have not swung a club for over a week and feel like a rusty gate. Yea, that’s right. Actually, it has been almost two weeks since I last played. WOW!

We shall see if the perfect golf swing comes back easily or do I start all over?

What have I been doing for my perfect golf swing

I have been looking for a driver to help my perfect golf swing. I think I have it nailed down to three choices. But I will have to go try them out to see which one I think will be the best.

I have been on almost all of the golf equipment sites to see what they have, so I can check out the replies so their customers can tell them how they feel about buying and using the driver that they selected. That has been as hard as I thought it would be though. The replies have rated all of these drivers as the best they have ever bought and why did they wait so long to get this driver.

Every now and then some knuckle head has a problem with the club selected and whines like crazy. Even those don’t help as it is about the service or what they were missing from the box with the golf club. So, here I sit in wonderment trying to figure out which driver would be best for my perfect golf swing.

I have the perfect golf swing driver narrowed to three.

Well, believe it or not I have it narrowed down to three drivers for my perfect golf swing. I’ll bet you would never guess which ones they are and if you do have one that I have chosen then it should reinforce your selection.

Ok, here is my selection. In no particular order, I pick the Ping G20, the Adams Fast 12 and the Taylor Made R11s. The one thing that is mentioned over and over at almost all small club sites is to have the clubs custom made. They talk about baseball bats being all different sizes, tennis rackets being made or sold without strings and then it is strung to make your swing batter.

But golf clubs come 9 to a pack of irons and it is hard to custom make all 9 and still be competitive with non-custom in a box clubs. But you can get the driver and three metal separate. So what can you do to make it perfect for you? The obvious answer is to have them custom made. I have been through that before and it did not turn out so great. One of the really big issues is about the very little quality control with the limits that a club, shaft or grip can be made at.

Also, it can be assembled incorrectly as there is a bow in the shaft just like in 2X4 piece of wood has a bow. If it is in the wrong location it will fight against your swing causing shorter drives for a golf club just like a wavy wall with 2×4’s placed incorrectly.

So there are a lot of things that goes into making a golf club and even with a perfect golf swing you cannot overcome a poorly made golf club. That means that even if you have a club or clubs custom made it could be a waste of money if the person doing it does not know what he/she is doing.

I have been to a large chain golf store to get fit and it was a bad experience. You can read about it in a couple of posts back. So it is hard to know who to trust. I have a buddy that used to make clubs but he does not do it any more so I don’t know who to go to either. I had a putter regripped by another small store owner and he missed squaring up the grip with the club face, so he is out also.

Anyway, I am going to put these three videos for the three drivers on this post so that you can see what I see about these drivers. You may have others in mind but these are the three I like unless someone can show me another choice. Anyway thanks for reading my mumble jumble.

Adams Fast 12

Ping G20

Taylormade R11S

Hope you enjoyed my concern about my perfect golf swing.

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Lou M.


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