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Perfect Golf Swing is Not

I have found the perfect gold.

That is a big lie. It does not exist.


I have taken golf swing lessons from no less than 11 people online and off line. All of them are professional golfers or certified instructers. Like I told you in my previous post, I have spent in excess of $1,000 looking for a perfect golf swing for me.

I can’t even find a good golf swing that I can use. My last attempt was with GolfTec ($350). The instructor was very good but he only gave me 5 half hour instructions which was only good enough for learning my driver half assed.

But, with all of the other hints, trick, lessons and so on I have been able to reduce my score by a very large amount. I now average 43 for nine holes in my league, down from 54.

Pretty good and it puts me in the top 5 out of 40 guys in our league.

Par Three’s

They have taken most of the nine hole par three courses and repurposed them for shopping mini malls, condos, and other things.

Because of that, I cannot play on any par three courses any more. You are probably wonder why I even mention that silly fact. Well, I have spent time reviewing where I could be better and how I got better, when I was a 3 handicap, 25 years ago.

My wife wanted to learn how to play golf. I was all for it as I wanted to play golf all the time any way. So we would go to the local par three and play a round of 18 holes twice a week.

With that I became a much better golfer. I realized that after watching another golf commenter say that if you divide the golf coure up into it’s different components you would see that over the 18 holes you have played 18 par three’s.

It is played out like this; there are normally? two par 3’s on each nine, you have two par fives on each nine which is usually a drive, a three metal and then a par three and finally you have 5 par fours that have a drive and a par three for each nine.

How to Practice

So where should you dedicate your time. Yes, on the par three’s.

To reinforce what I have just told you, on the Golf Channel they interviewed a golfer that has made three par three’s on his back yard.

His analysis when something like this; if you shoot 90 for a round the then the shots you use the most are your pitch or chip. They account for 30 shots out of 90, putts are 40, three metal are four and driver is 16.

So where do we spend most of our time. Not putting or not pitching or chipping, we spend our days at the driving range and bang 40 to 5o drivers.

At every public golf course they have a driving range to get warmed up and a putting green to practice putting. They will not let us practice chipping. Why, because there are too many idiots that play long chip shots and do not repair the green.

What’s Important

Now we know what is important. But now we know what the golf course allows us to practice at as well as the driving range. By the way, have you seen any practice traps to play out of, NO!

Oh and one other thing, most of you play once or maybe twice a week and expect to drive like the pros and play in the 30’s. Now how sad is that.

Pro’s hit about 500 balls in practice a week and putt for 2 to 4 hours per week.


By the way, the manufacturer’s keep making us new drivers that we pay $500 for every year or maybe two. With each new driver we expect to go from hitting the ball 190 yards and in the rough to 280 yards right down the middle. Lot’s of luck!


If you take my advice, become a great par three player and reduce your scores by 10 to 12 strokes per 18 holes.

During the winter, use your living room/dining room to practice putting on the carpet and maybe hitting whiffle balls there too.

If you spend about an hour every day/night you should improve your score significantly when you begin playing outdoors next spring.

One last thing. Stop trying to hit the ball 270 yards. Go with the 190 yard shot and then club down to get close and then get down and in with a two or three for a four or five.


Listen, if you want to learn how to chip close, go to YouTube and search for chipping and the first one you get to follow that person. If you look for another it will be different as will every one you look at after that and all it will do is confuse you.

They are all similar but different so just follow the directions of just one of them and you will be good as long as you practice with whiffle balls.

If you take 100 swings a day you will put in about 3600 swings for the winter and should have a better swing. Follow the Simple Golf Swing tutorial for $27, cheap.

Practice 50 putts per day and 50 chips per day you should be a lot better. By the way, don’t chip off your good carpet or hard wood floor, just get a cheap welcome matt and tee off of that.

Any questions, Please use the comment section below.


Lou M.

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