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Golf, How to Swing Free and Easy

Well, the weekend came and went. The weather is getting a little better but theĀ  rain still continues.

The perfect golf swing is getting closer and closer.

The Golf, how to swing easy has been a trial. It has been hard to learn this new technique. Like I told you on the last post, I went to the driving range to try and tune up this new golf swing but was confused. I did hit the ball better with this trip to the range then the first so maybe I am not as confused as I think.

I hit an 80 ball bucket of golf balls and worked up quite a sweat. I don’t use a golf glove so my hands were sore when I got through. This technique I used at the range is contrary to what has been taught by Paul Wilson.

He believes you only hit one good shot out of four when you go to the range so take three practice swings on what you are trying to learn then hit the ball on the fourth swing. By the by, his method of teaching is to take your swing from point A (the top of the back swing) to point B, which is the end of the follow though, and in between there happens Cheap Viagra to be a ball that gets struck while going from A to B.

So, I am still practicing like many of you do and just hit the hell out of them stupid balls.

Well, I tried to hit as many good balls as I could and did fairly well but not really a productive use of time at the range.

But I continued to watch his videos and continued to practice with the practice weighted club I use. I would practice his techniques for getting my hips to rotate and initiate the swing with these same hips and got to like it.

What he wants is to use your shoulders to wind up the spring (your shoulders and hips) to 90 degrees with your hips at 45 degrees and your knees at 22 degrees. Then when you reach the top of your swing (Point A), begin the downswing by rotating your hips back to normal and then through to where your belt buckle is facing your target (Point B).

Your arms will follow and then the hands and then the club. The club will be slightly behind the hands and square up at impact while going to point B.

Well, because I went to the range and did a lot of things wrong but seemed to hit the ball fairly well, my practice club and body began to get into harmony. So my practice swings were better and I was able to recognize it.

I am getting long winded again. Well last night was the first night of the first league. Now I want you to remember that I have not been out to play yet and have been to the driving range twice this spring. I have change my entire golf swing to try and find the perfect golf swing. I am not expecting much but my practice has been pretty good.

So, tomorrow I will tell you about my adventures into the unknown as I try the new swing on the golf course.

Until then have fun and keep swinging like you mean it.

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