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My Driver has the Perfect Golf Swing

My driver has the perfect golf swing so far. My other clubs are hit or miss.

I am hitting my driver like I am a touring pro. I consistently hit drives right down the fairway at 240 to 260 yards. When I try to crank one I usually pull to the left. That is easy to correct so when I hit drives, even on par threes with an iron I am right dead center.

But my clubs, all of them, I hit very high in the sky and my irons are shorter then before. So I try to compensate by over swinging and will not hit the clubs just right unless I have them teed up.

So, I must swing with less force and over club at least one more on all my iron shots if I am to hit my irons right. My practice on Tuesday gave me  good accuracy as far as direction but I am coming up short.

So I am going to have to club down from now on but I do get a lot of hang time with my short irons. Oh my God, they are so high and when they land they just plop down.

Ok, enough about me. I learned another secret the club manufacturers do. Ya know what happens when you see these wedges and how they are suppose to help you. But you go out and buy one only to become very disappointed  and wish you had never bought them?

Well, I found out why. They have this thing called bounce on the soul of the club.

Don’t know what I am talking about do you? On the base of the sand wedge or really any other wedge there is a large chunk of metal. That piece if metal is called the soul of the club. Ever noticed when you have gone to the golf store how big some of those souls are and how small others are? Well, there is an angle associated with that soul plate.

Now, those wedges have different angles according to where you play and how you want to hit the shot. Say your golf course has hard turf and the sand traps have very little sand then you want a wedge with a small angle on the soul so that the club does not bounce off the turf and then hit the ball above the equator.

You want a club that has a small angle so that you can go through that hard turf or sandless trap.

Now, if it’s different and the turf is soft and you take chunks of sod and the sand traps have enough sand that the ball buries itself then you want a wedge that has high bounce with a very large angle. That allows the club to not go so deep into the sod or sand and bounce off and hit the ball properly.

Wow, I am not sure I explained that properly but if you want more info go to the search engines and type in “bounce of wedge” and there will be more explanations. Here is a picture from and angle “A” is the bounce angle.

Last thing. If you want to know what your club has then look for dots, I think on the back. If you have a small bounce angle, one dot (0-4 degrees) or medium bounce angle, two dots(4 to 8 degrees) or large bounce angle, three dots (8 to 12 degrees) or finally huge bounce angle, four dots(12 to 16 degrees) then that is how you find out what your club has.

What should you use? It depends on your playing conditions. If you play on municipal courses then go one or two dot(s) or if you play on lush private courses then go three or four dots. and if in between, your guess is as good as mine.

Long post, sorry.

Monday will be my next post. If you want more info then go back into my blog and read more about my attempt to get to be a better golfer. Also, Sign Up for my Golf Newsletter and learn more about golf swings.


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