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Golf Tips On Preconceived Notions

This golf tips is about going into a situation with preconceived notions or ideas about how things should be. Have you ever gone to a golf course for the first time and had decided it was going to be a lousy golf course before even going out onto the course only you found it surprisingly good. Well I did that about an area and it’s golf courses.

A number of years back I worked for one of the big three automotive companies. I worked in the divisional offices for the automotive assembly division. We worked for the assembly plants where they put the cars together.

I worked in the Tool Services department as a lead engineer. Our job was to design, build and install tooling for the assembly plants. In our case most of the tools were for the body shops. I was one of the robotic specialist. There were four of us. Two worked on the software used to run the lines, one worked on the welding portion and I was the assembly of the tooling and start up guy, then the installation in the plants.

I would follow up the build of the automation in the tooling build shops. That meant that the tool shop would assemble the entire line in their shop and then get it operational, welding bodies together, and when it was approved they would tear it down, ship to the plant and reassemble the tooling again and then get it ready for operation for building vehicles.

Typically, these tools would be about 250 feet long, have about 60 to 100 robots that would spot weld the sheet metal so that the various body panels would stick together. Then they would be painted and the various parts would be installed after paint.

I only tell you all of this so that you understand why I was in a state that I concluded could not have many golf courses because it was too cold to have a lot of golf course.

Well, I am here to tell you I was dead wrong.

One year I spent three months in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in the fine state of Minnesota. The months were June, July and August. I started out by going to the first course I passed while going to work at the assembly plant and back to my motel at night after work.

My days were typically 12 hours and I would start at 6 am and end at 6:30 pm. Instead of going to the bar and drinking as many large “Boombas” of beer as I could then going to diner and then to bed I decided I would go to the golf course and play as many holes of golf as I could during the twilight hours. I would usually get in 11 holes over a 2.5 hour period. Then I would go get a Big Mac, go to the room, clean up and then catch up with the guys at the bar or restaurant.

I would be about three or four drinks behind but that was OK. I didn’t try to catch up as there just wasn’t enough time.

The golf courses were great. Each day after golfing at one of the new courses I found I would ask the people I was golfing with where was the nearest different course. They would tell me and I would head for it the next evening. I ended up playing about 25 different course over the next three months and never had a better time then being with the great people around Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

And I thought it would be cold. No Way. I was golfing in great weather with temperatures reaching 97 degrees. I began leaving more of my clubs at home and only taking only a driver, 2 iron, 6 iron, 8 iron, pitching wedge and putter.

My purpose was not to score well, I tried, but to play as many courses as I could and have as much fun as I could while getting better at playing golf. And I must say I was a complete success with all of those things.

I got rid of all the extra stuff you accumulate in the golf  bag for two reasons, every Sunday night and Friday evening I was going through airports with golf bag, suitcase, briefcase and computer. I would check in my suit case and golf bag and then have to pick them up at the baggage claim areas in the airports. In Minnesota I was going to the car rental places and at home my wife would pick me up at the airport with the kids.

I never lost my golf bag or suitcase at any airport over that three month period and played some of the finest golf course anywhere. And because I was playing four nights a week I was getting much better. I was healthier because I was carrying my bag on the golf course and walking while I carried it. Another reason to unload the extra clubs.

So my golf tips today is to not judge a book by it’s cover and just enjoy the course and play golf.

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