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Golf Tips Playing Golf in The Rain


Golf tips on playing golf in the rain. Unless there is a huge downpour I don’t mind playing golf in the rain. As a matter of fact, I bought a set of outer clothes to play in the rain. They are called GorTex.

I have the rain proof top and bottom. I have used then both or just the top more than 100 times since I bought them. They are great and I have absolute confidence in using them.

I don’t normally use a golf glove but when it rains I have to put on or sometimes two golf gloves so that I can hold onto the golf club. I have thought about buying rain gloves as I play a lot in the rain and otherwise but I am too cheap.

So here is your article about three things that will help you play in the rain.

When it comes to playing wet weather golf do you find yourself struggling to get the ball airborne? Or makingWet Weather Golf any sort of solid contact on the ball at all?wet weather golf do you find yourself struggling to get the ball airborne? Or making any sort of solid contact on the ball at all?

It’s not hard to do because Mother Nature has added an extra degree of difficulty on every shot you play. Instead of the golf club sliding easily through the grass it slows down causing major problems. The grass becomes heavier and thicker making hitting your golf irons especially more difficult.

The technique you use in dry conditions won’t always work the same in the wet. The  key is to understand how to work with the conditions instead of fighting against them.

Here are 3 valuable tips I’ve learned over the years that work effectively when playing wet weather golf….More at 3 Lessons I Learned Mastering Wet Weather Golf – Talking Golf Online

Video on Playing in the rain

There are a number of videos online too provide you with information and the one I selected I thought gave you some additional info about playing in the rain. I like the info about storing your towel and glove in the umbrella.  I had not thought about doing that.

As far as the article, I like the info about using a slice type cut across the ball to reduce the grass impediment to the swing whether it is wet or dry in the heavy rough. All in all I think that if you play enough golf you will get wet at some point in time so these two items will help you stay dry and play good golf in the rain.

So my golf tips for the day is to play safely in the rain using the info provided.

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