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Golf Tips – Learn How to Break 80

This golf tips is on how to break 80. I don’t remember the first time I broke 80 but I can remember the first time I broke par, that occurred in one of my golf leagues while playing with a kid that wanted to play better.

My golfing partner for a golf league I was playing in was off one night and he had gotten a working buddy who also was a buddy of mine to play that night. He and I had never golfed together and he was concerned as he was not a good golfer.

He started out with I am not very good but you are could you spend some time with me and teach me how to swing is what he said. Of course I said yes and off we went.

I started out with two bogies and this did not help my friend as he thought he was at fault for me playing badly. But the truth be told I was concentrating on his golf swing and trying to help him. I tried to reassure him and said we would concentrate on both our games.

I was talking to him very calmly and kept telling him to slow his swing down and try to get into a tempo and rhythm that would get him swinging good. As a result, I parred the next three holes and then birdied three out of four holes after that with a par crunched in between forĀ  one under 35. My first under par round ever.

That will always be in my memory like it happened yesterday but in fact it occurred in 1992.

I’ll have more to say about that after you read the article.

If you want to learn how to break 80, you have come to the right place! I remember the amazing feeling when I broke 80 for the first time! I tried to remember what I actually did to achieve it. Was I just ‘in the zone’ on the day, or did I actually do specific things well during my round? Since I learned that the secret to breaking 80, is a new mental approach, I have been breaking 80 consistently.

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Many of those breaking 80 golf tips are true. Like I said, I broke par for the first time really trying to help another golfer play decent golf and in doing so helped me immensely. For the rest of the year, I had every round at par or less even had four rounds at two under par. That golf course was a very challenging course with three very different nines but I played them all the same.

I was playing in another league at the time and we were playing 18 holes every Sunday also but I was playing to a four handicap for the other league and the 18 Sunday golf. It was unbelievable how you play when you break through. I did have some par rounds all around during the rest of the season and the following years, until I stopped playing, I had many pars and a few under par rounds and a few times I had a couple of double bogies which helped my maintain a four handicap.

If you think you can do it then it will come with practice and dedication.

So my golf tips for today is to try and follow the tips provided in the article and break through past the 80’s or 90’s or even the 100’s. They are all just numbers.

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