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Golf Tips On Balanced Golf Balls

This golf tips is how to check your golf balls to see if they are balanced by the manufacturers or that they may be an unbalanced golf ball. Surely, many of you will buy golf balls at the cheapest price you can get them for.

I know that over the past three years, it was not possible for me to keep two or three golf balls for each nine hole round of golf. In other words I would lose two or three golf balls every nine holes played. So, with golf being as expensive as it is, why should I knowingly spend more money then I had to. If I could buy a dozen or even fifteen golf balls for $9.95 plus tax and lose them all within four or five rounds of golf wouldn’t that be better then losing a dozen golf balls that cost $49.95? You bet!

Now that I am playing better and hopefully hitting the ball straighter, I can now spend a little more. I am up to buying golf balls for $19.95 or $21.95 for a box of one dozen. But, what I am doing is buying recycled Titlest Pro V golf balls for almost 60% off, in a box with unseen blemishes. Actually, these are suppose to be golf balls that were lost in ponds, reclaimed by the golf course, sold to companies, cleaned up and resold to businesses for resale.

But, we still have issues with purchasing brand new balls that are unbalanced. Are they slightly unbalanced or very much so unbalanced? How are we to find out.

Well, they make a machine that will check your balls for balance and let you know where the imbalance will be but, all balls are imbalanced. Some are ever so slightly out of balance and will not affect your play while others will curve your ball so that you cannot perform as well as you can. It is conceivable that the putt you had all lined up and putter so perfectly but went just by the hole on the low side was a result of using an unbalanced ball and not you allowing enough room for the down hill roll.

Or, that slice you just hit with that ball may not have been your golf swing but it could have been the result of a ball being out of balance.

So how do you tell. I’ve told you that the electric machines that check for unbalanced balls will show all golf balls to be unbalanced. So how do you know how much they are out of balance?

It turns out that there is a simple way. Rather then telling you how to do it I will let my friend (not really) Mr. Ralph Maltby explain how to do it in the following video. But the video does not explain the material to use to do the checking and to do the marking.

Also he does not tell us how to mark the ball to make it roll the way that would be less intrusive to our shot. Now I must say here, if you have some golf balls that arer terribly out of balance, trade them to a hacker friend that is going to lose them right away anyway. Nothing that will hurt him.

Those that are slightly out of balance can be marked with the weighted spot on the bottom so it will go fairly straight as the weight is in the line of the putt and should not roll left or right as a result unless you cut across the ball and put a spin on the golf ball as it goes towards the hole or even if you hit it with a club. If you hit a slice shot it will make the slice worse.

The weight being on the side could explain why sometimes you slice a lot and other times when you plan for it is doesn’t slice as much. The ball is out of balance and depending on where you hit it will determine how much slice or hook.

So here is the video, I know you will enjoy.

The video is very good but it does not tell you where to get the products to help you determine the center or balanced ball. But another video I found said it was very simple to get and all it takes is a container of Epson salts, a water container about 6 to 8 inches in diameter and about 8 inches deep, a Sharpy and a ball marking tool for a straight line.

That is all you need to find out if your balls are balanced or not. So I hope you have enjoyed this little golf tips video and information. By the by, if you have not viewed the previous post I have used Mr. Maltby to provide info about putting and how to putt properly and about using the line on the golf ball.

From Lou M.
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