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My Perfect Golf Swing Blog

Hello there hacker,

Well, I am about 28 months into my attempt to get the perfect golf swing.

If you remember, I was a very good golfer about 20 years ago and circumstances caused me to quit playing on a regular basis. Over the next 16 years I played about two to four times per year and was quite aware of my terrible golf swing.

As of about three years ago I was still using my small headed driver from 1990. I finally got my first big head driver a Cleveland Launcher 460 and was truly amazed at what that club could do but I was still a hack.

I went from a four handicap for 18 holes to an 18 handicap for 9 holes in a short 16 years.

I decided to get better and used this blog as my forum for presenting what I had gone through to get better. I thought it would take me a short three to six months but noooo, it has taken me over 24 months to get a very good golf swing. I have gone through many trials and tribulations to get to where I am at right now including a new driver, three metal and soon to be a new sand wedge and altered putter.

I am sure that when the leagues start again in about three months I will be among the top two or three golfers among them all.

So do I continue my blog or close it down?

I have decided I am going to make it an authority blog. What that means is that I will not be dedicated to just my attempt to become a very good golfer but it will be dedicated to providing golf news. This will include news about new products, old products, where to get the best buys and golf in general.

I might include info from the PGA about the golf pros in the U.S. PGA circuit but not too much. As we all know, Tiger appears to be back with that decisive win Monday but who knows. And Rory is having problems with his change over to Nike but that will all straighten out over the season.

I have my new driver and three metal which I got for Christmas at a very good price. All over the Internet the Adams SpeedLine Fast 12 was going for $199.95 but I got it at my local golf store for $179.95 and the Three metal was $105.95 so with tax I got them both for $306 and change. A great deal and almost every golf store you go to online the price is still $199.95 or more and $139.95 or more.

So beginning tomorrow I will be in the process of giving you golf news. MY pages will be trended towards articles written by others that I will provide a short snippit of what the article is about and then a link to where it is so you can read the rest of the article and maybe find a new place to get additional golf news.

I hope you will continue to follow my blog as I will provide more then just articles. There will be videos about the subject matter as well as images when needed so you have an idea what it may look like and even maybe some tweets from twitter writers that have articles or info on their blogs that you may be interested in.

All in all, I will have a variety of information in the world of golf. Most of it will center around the perfect golf swing which does not exist but the very good golf swing for you and the equipment you are interested in using or buying.

I will also include articles from me for about every two or three posts. So you will still have my opinion about topics and suggestions on where to go to get golf equipment or supplies related to golf.

For the next month I am going to do about three posts per day so that my blog will become the authority site I want it to become. So keep a close tabs to see if it is what you expected and want. If you have something you want me to concentrate on please leave me a note at loum (at) where (at) is really @ with no spaces.

So, that is all for now but I will see ya tomorrow.

And in the meantime, if you want to get on my mailing list for specials I may run into please go with this link here for my opt-in page to sign up for the newsletter and get instant access to the golf swing I have picked to use for the future as it is easy, simple, works and makes me better after trying out almost a dozen different methods to get the perfect golf swing or good golf swing. I am even trying his putting method as I am so confident in the methods he has shown me so far.

That is why I am cutting up one of my putters is to use his method. I am making it shorter, with a large grip and flat sides for better control. While most are going to the belly or double grip putters that are five feet tall, I am going to a 25 inch tall putter. It will only cost me about $25 to have it done to a putter I have not used for 25 years and I get a new putter out of it that I can use.

OK, that is about it and I will provide you with more info beginning tomorrow.

See ya then.

Yours Truly.

Lou Martiniano
The Perfect Golf Swing Tips

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