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Your Golf Swing – Why Your Putting Sucks

 Your golf swing for putts

This is near and dear to my heart. My golf swing is almost perfect but my putting swing sucks. Therefore I am a very bad putter. I have learned to limit my putts to two per hole by practicing my lag putts.

But to be able to make a 4 footer or a 6 footer or even a 10 footer is next to impossible. It would be pure blind luck.

So I know there are more bad putters then there are good putters so I thought I would concentrate these next few posts to the putter and how to get better.

Why Your Putting Sucks

Golfers struggle with putting because they hold the club incorrectly giving themselves no chance of being consistent on the greens.

They hold the putter similar to as if they were holding a golf iron.

The problem is the putter is the only club in the bag where to achieve a perfectly flat position on the ground it must be held upright. If you hold the putter similar to a golf iron the putter plane is off balance and makes it very difficult to make a smooth putting stroke.

The Golf Channel’s Michael Breed explains it well in this video.…More at Putt Like the Pros by Changing Your Golf Putting Grip | Talking Golf

Putting grips for your golf swing

It is necessary for us to learn how to putt properly considering we use our putts about 42% or more of the time. So if you cannot putt well that amount will increase significantly. Heck you putt more than you drive or even use a three metal combined.

In golf, the most popular putting grip is called the reverse overlap, and it involves placing the index finger of the left hand down the right hand. Learn about keeping the wrist still in a golf putt with tips from a golf instructor in this video on golf putting grips. Expert: Conan Elliott, Contact:

Another Video about putter grips

This video is almost exactly the same as the first one just a different instructor.

Learn how to putt golf putting grips lesson and tips. How to putt – 3 putting grips – The World’s Best Golf Instruction! Mike Shannon was named as a Top Teacher in both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine from 2000 to 2003. He is the creator of the Laser Optics Putting Improvement System that is being used by over 100 players on the Tour. In this lesson Mike discusses the putting grip. Please go and see more than 200 videos of the golf industries best instructors.

I wanted you to see both so that you can get it drilled into your head that there are very specific putter grips and golf swings to be used when putting. Make sure you use one of the three or any variation that will work for you. But regardless of which one you use you need to practice. That will be the next post.

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