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Golf Tips For Your Golf Swing

Golf Tips for your golf swing

What kind of golfer are you? Do you understand and use most of these golf tips that have been presented to you on the blog or do not just read or watch the videos and go oh that’s nice and go on to the next cool thing to read or watch?

Let’s just think about something that happened to me quite a few times during the last few rounds of the season with less than ideal golf conditions.

It was the third hole on the second from last round of the year, every one had pulled out their drivers but I decided to use my three metal. I had not been hitting my driver with any kind of consistency but I was still scoring well and was par after the first two holes with good shots to the greens. Anyway, the guys were giving me hoots about using my metal wood but I was very confident and proved it to them by hitting a great drive right down the middle of the fairway.

My confidence was soaring as I watched my drive. It was great compared to the other five drives. I was the only in the fairway and all the other drives were in the woods or sand trap but none were in the fairway except mine. The drive ended up 135 yards from the hole in perfect position for a fairly easy shot to the green.

I say fairly easy but it is not. There is a pond on the left side of the green that encroaches into the fairway just in front of the green and the left side of the green and a large sand trap on the right side of the green. And then there is the green. The green tips from the front to the left back. The ball has a tendency to roll off the back to lots of greenery that you will lose your ball into if not careful. So that being said this is what I did.

I use visualization

I decided to use my 130 yard club as the green has a tendency to fall off towards the back and to the left. I just new that the pond to the left of the green nor the sand trap on the right side of the green was going to influence my shot.

I could see the flight of the ball and was visualizing where it would land and how it would roll to the hole. Well, I lined up and took my swing and sure enough the ball went exactly as I had visualized with a nice high arc landing on the green near the right corner and watched as the ball bounced twice and started to run towards the back and left until it stop just 18 inches from the pin.

What a thrill it was to understand how I wanted the ball to travel and where it was to end up. I made that puttĀ  very easily and there I was at one under par for the first three holes. Now I did not end up that way because my driver was not cooperating so I had some bad results by using the driver but I think I have rectified that with the purchase of my new Adams Speedline Fast 12 driver and three metal.

I want to spend more time experiencing those feelings you get when you can do exactly what you want to do with the golf swing. If you have not had that feeling I wish you could have it as there is nothing better in the game of golf.

What has been done to find the golf swing

I have spent a lot of money, time and energy over the last two years trying to get the perfect golf swing. I finally realize that there is no such thing but now I want to have a good swing and a consistent golf swing.

When you see all of the statistics it is easy to understand how golfers can be frozen with paralysis from analysis. There are too many people trying to tell you the best way to swing a golf club and it does get confusing. Like I have said, I have paid for eight different tutorials from different instructors trying to help you get to be a better golfer. I can understand why people like you get fearful of spending money on something you will not use.

Most tutorials were too confusing and very hard to incorporate into your golf swing. But I finally found the easy golf swing. Even though it is not perfect I have incorporated three other things from other instructors. I am now able to guarantee that I will not have an elbow way outside of my golf ball flight by watching a free video that I have incorporated in one of my last 12 posts. So if you have time go through them and see what I mean. Actually, when you go through all of the videos you will learn a lot of things that will help your game.

I have taken the time to inform you and help you, so take the time, the videos are free and all you have to lose is some time.

How to get the best golf swing

If you would like to learn more about my golf swing of choice then sign up for my newsletter and announcement service for the blog posts and you will be instantly taken to the Symple Golf Swing that I feel is the best way to golf of more than 12 systems I have reviewed. Just click here!

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