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Shoveling Snow And Practicing MY Golf Swing

Shoveling Snow And Practicing MY Golf Swing

What a great time of the year. My golf swing is ready to go and it is still snowing. We are 2.4 inches away from our yearly average of snow fall accumulation and March 1st is right around the corner. That means that we are just two weeks away from Daylight Savings time and three weeks away from Spring.

I am ready for golf. I have been practicing my half swing and yesterday with the threat of snow coming I went to an outdoor driving range to hit a SMALL bucket of golf balls.

Well, my practicing in the garage and real golf ball swinging don’t quite jive. Although my golf swing was pretty good but the outdoor range forgot one thing. They did not have the heat turned on. I finally put my scarf back on and then got out and put on my gloves to swing the clubs.

The balls felt like I was hitting rocks and the ball disappeared in the snow that was still on the ground. Hard to tell where the ball went except you could see the trajectory. And I must say I was pleased with the flight of my golf balls.

I was having trouble getting the three metal in the air at first until I noticed I still had about an inch at the end of the grip. So, I went longer and began hitting the ball well. This was my second time hitting these clubs but the first was at an indoor dome. Hard to tell where the ball was going. But yesterday I was aiming at spots or signs or trees or poles in the distance and was very accurate. I was pleasantly surprised!

What I took with me to the driving range was my seven iron, 5 hybrid, three metal and driver. I can hear you now. “What the heck, that’s quite a combination.”

I wanted to hit my new clubs but I did not want to hit a big bucket of balls. My 5 hybrid I only used about twenty times last year so I brought it and the seven iron was used to practice my 3/4 swing and to tuck my elbow in next to my rib cage to make sure I was hitting the golf ball right.

If the heat would have been on it would have been even better. The only thing they did was to have the tarp down in back to keep the wind from blowing through but it was still cold. It is hard to grip a club when you have driving gloves on that are insulated.

My wife and I are ready for a road trip. We want to drive about 5 to 6 hours south, play golf, find a motel and spend the night, get up early and play some golf and then head for home. That might hold me over until spring and warmer weather but I think we will have to wait about two more weeks.

Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it and here’s to the very good golf swing.

From Lou M.
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