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Golf swing Tips – Finish Up A Great Round Soundly

This golf swings tips is very important, not only in golf but in every thing you do. As a matter of fact I was watching a hockey game last night where a team started out strong and almost lost it in the end.

Detroit had gotten beat real bad on Sunday by Chicago and they played Colorado on Monday. To their credit, they came back after that terrible thrashing by Chicago to be ahead going into the third period by 3 to 0.

So what do you think happened, they began to coast or ease up or relax with the game in the bag. Well they almost lost but was able to hold on to win 3 to 2.

This is what the article is about. When you arer finishing a good round of golf, do it like you had been doing it the whole round.

Well, I’ll let the article speak for itself.

We have all heard you drive for show and putt for dough. If you want to finish up a great round as strong as possible, your putter is a vital ingredient in this equation. Most likely you are playing a great round because you are putting well so now is not the time to change the way you have been putting. So many golfers do this by either becoming timid or over aggressive. This usually breaks the putting rhythm that has put you where you are, so stick to what you have been doing with the putter.

Approach this great round you have going by having two milestones you want to reach. One should be winning the round and hopefully the match on tournament. When you focus on this larger picture your focus is not solely on shooting the lowest score. The low score will happen if you keep your eye on the overall purpose….More at Golf Swing Tips to Finish Up a Great Round

A good article but there is also one other thing to think about. We as amateurs do not develop a routine that we use for every shot we take whether it be the driver, fairway wood or irons or even the putter. The pros and many of their teachers suggest or more like it demand that their pupils develop a system that they use when doing these shots so that when they get into pressure situations it is the same all the time.

Watch this video for more help;

By developing a routine, you will reduce the opportunity to choke when you are pressured. and that is what this article was talking about. Not changing what you have been doing so that you will finish the round strong and maintain the scores you have been doing.

A lot of that has to do with experience also. The more times you face this situation, the more confident you will be to conclude it the way you want to.

So this golf swing tips is about maintaining what you have been doing to finish a good round without screwing it up.

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