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Golf Swing Tips For The Pro To Be

Golf Swing Tips for the pro to be

Do you want to swing like Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy or for us old timers Fred Couples. Well this golf swing tips is to forget about having a golf swing like those pros. And there are dozens of golf swings like those I mentioned from lesser known pros or even wanna bees.

Let’s pretend we are 10 years old and we have an uncle or neighbor that has no kids of his own and he wants to share his knowledge of the game of golf but the only one around is you. So you are taught the finer points of the golf swing and you take to it like a duck to water.

You practice hours on end with your golf swing using whiffle balls and the driving ranges with your allowance and money you can earn. Your dad never was able to get the game so he thinks you’re crazy but it is something you love so he wants to spend time with you so he takes you to the range as does your uncle or next door neighbor.

Soon you are shooting right around 6 over par and you see others that are doing better but you are only 12 years old.

The more time you spend the more time you want to do it. Golf has become all you know. Soon, the only friends you have are other kids that play golf. You are getting into high school and you join the golf team. You are now playing at 4 over par. Every now and again you shoot par but you are not that good yet.

Now you are a senior and you are a 2 handicap which means you shoot par or better more often then not but you also have some bad rounds. These rounds seem to come when you play against rival high schools. You try pressing too hard and you choke. Your coach keeps telling you his golf swing tips and to not press and you will be just fine but it does not sink in.

Anyway, you have graduated from high school and you were offered scholarships to 4 colleges on a full ride scholarship as a member of the golf team. You select your school and away you go.

Soon you are shooting rounds under par but your handicap is still a two. Why? You are not sure but it seems to come when you are playing the schools rival and every one you know at school is telling you that you have to beat that school. And guess what, you choke and shoot a six over par round.

You are a good golfer but cannot get past those critical events. They wanted to make you the captain of the team but with each bad round it seems to get further away. You have a lot of rounds at even par or better but the critical rounds against the schools chief rival is never any good.

Well you graduate and decide you want to go pro, so you join the qualifying tour to get to the semi pro tour. You know that every score you produce is going to have to be better then every one else if you want to get to the next rung.

But the more bad rounds you have the more pressure there is to perform and it gets harder and harder. Soon you quit and go to work in a job. Your golf playing days are numbered as you are busy with your job and your girl friend becomes you wife and your wife soon becomes your children’s mother. You bought a fixer upper house and you have been spending all of your free time with the family, house, maintenance and some time for your self.

You have gotten in a league or two but your scores are not like the old days. Pretty soon the years roll by and your business is not doing so good and you get laid off. You finally get a job but the money is just about gone while taking care of the family.

So you quit playing all together except for the occasional family or company round and you realize that you are now officially a hack. Oh well. That’s the way life goes.

If only that uncle, neighbor or even your dad had taught you how to handle the pressure! What could have been?

This a made up story but it does resound for many could have been a golfer. Back in the day I had played against many zero handicap golfers that could not make the pros but where exceptional golfers against guys like me that would never be a pro golfer and had no desire to be a pro but these guys were good but could not handle the pressure.

They soon got a job. Many as a sales rep for a company that had a country club membership to wine and dine customers for their business.

So my golf swing tips include to learn how to handle the pressure even if it means sinking that two foot putt to get totals.

From Lou M.
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