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Golf Swing Tips For the Beginners


This golf swing tips article is so true. How many people do you know that are not players by any means and will try to swing the club like a baseball bat with a fast ball coming at them.

Of course most of them have never had any lessons except for someone who plays badly and cannot grasp the basic concepts of hitting the ball with speed not force.

Anyway, a good basic golf swing tips article and well worth the reading;

Golf is one of the most exciting sports around today. One must learn how to hit the golf ball correctly in order to 5 Tips For Improving Your Golf Swingexcel in this fascinating game. Novice players are only able to excel once they perfect an exceptional golf swing.

Many people are under the impression that they can walk up to a golf ball and swing with a club. They later find out that hitting the ball off the tee requires discipline, skill, and training. It will also take time for one to develop a swing that is ideal for their playing style.

games. Let’s take a close look at five tips for improving your golf swing….More at 5 tips for improving your golf swing – Journal of Humanitarian Affairs


Like I said it was a pretty good article to read.

The following is a golf swing tips video from Johnny Miller. I don’t know about you but I love John on the golf broadcasts. He likes to tell it like he thinks it is and makes the show a lot more fun.

I’ve notice that when they have other broadcasters on now they like to tell it like it is and add some of their issues they had when they were playing competitive golf.

All in all they have more fun and we have more fun. This video was published by John about a few months ago and is good for the beginner or even for the league golfer that does not want to go through a lot to change his/her golf swing.

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