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How to Swing in Golf to Practice

Learn how to swing in golf – We want to be ready to play next season when the league starts so we have to learn how to swing in golf to practice this winter.

There are many things that can be done to get ready for next season.

You can do stretching exercises to help you limber up for next season to get the golf swing speed necessary to hit the ball a long ways. You can use exercise devices that will help your golf swing. You can swing the golf club in an inclosed area that is warm enough to try out your golf swing.

The Recreational Golf to teach you how to swing in golf.

Like I told you last winter, there is a fellow that goes by the handle of “the recreational golfer” that has many practice methods that will help you get ready for next season. One is swinging the golf clubs 12,000 times between now and April to be ready with a grooved golf swing for next season.

He has many tips for chipping, putting and more. He has a book for sale that will provide more help with your swing. I have purchased his book and many others but I like his practice routines which are free with some on videos. Sometimes I disagree with his methods but I can incorporate his techniques using my golf swing for practice.

By the way, the recreational golfer’s name is Bobby Jones. No, not the original Bob Jones but that is his name.

Other Golf Instructors

Anyway, there are two other golf instructors that I like.

Well, actually three but two of them contradict each other and I find it confusing sometimes trying to figure out which how to swing in golf is best. I am using the Simple Golf Swing to teach my wife and the long distance pro, Bobby Wilson, for my golf swing. The other is Paul Wilson, the Revolution Golf instructor, which I started with but have now gone away from but I can use his practice tips while utilizing my golf swing.

Plus, I have spent nearly $200 with Paul Wilson or more correctly the Revolution Golf Site that now has three teaching pros, one golf club specialist/builder and one exercise expert to help us get limber enough to swing a golf club properly. I think they have made a mistake by adding on these other two golf instructors but the site is successful and they keep selling to golfers all over the world. I am now a VIP member and get access to the entire site. Whoopy!

Practice Golf Tips

Anyway, I want to give you a practice tip by one of the instructors. Using a mini broom to practice your golf swing. A mini broom is like a wisk broom only slightly larger and has a five or six foot handle. He has cut down the handle and added a golf grip to the handle. He uses the broom to practice the golf swing without hitting the ground or balls.

This provides a lesson on how to swing in golf by practicing with the broom and the resistance provided by the width of the broom bristles. You do not need to know the method he uses for swinging the club except whatever technique you use will be aided by the use of the broom.

Even if you use the Simple Golf Swing from the golf guru David Nevogt it will help you to practice the golf swing using this mini broom with golf grip.

More than anything, the more you practice the better you will get. If your garage is not heated but sheltered from the elements you can dress warmly and use it to practice swinging the golf club.

I would and have used the recreational golfer to practice swinging the golf club on many occasions and have improved my golf game. To get better at anything you need to practice. Imagine if you used twenty minutes a day to swing your clubs 120 times and did that for three to four months, how good would your swing be when you started your league play in April?

How to swing in golf recommendations

For you, the average league golfer, I would recommend using the Simple Golf Swing to become a better golfer and use some of the practice routines by the recreational golfer to practice this winter. One will cost you and the other will not unless you decide to buy his book. So for a total investment of $60 or $80 you could begin next season shooting in the mid forties instead of high fifties if you used these two experts. I am not sure what the simple golf swing cost now. I think he has raised his price? But the recreational golfer has a book that he wants $14.95 for. Cheap and information packed.

This will provide you with the simple golf swing in three weeks and practice techniques to groove the golf swing over the winter. You will have learned how to swing in golf for a new you and won’t your buddies be surprised when you get that first 45. Then maybe consistent low 40’s to prove it is no fluke and your ball in the fairway most of the time.

That’s all for today. See ya next week, same time, same day.


Lou M.

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